Active Noise Cancellation

Give consumers what they want with the latest Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology for earbuds, headsets, and hearables—now available for more devices than ever before. Our breakthrough ANC is designed to provide high-quality immersive experiences while also enabling natural noise leak-through to allow for awareness of surroundings (like an approaching vehicle). Get ANC fully integrated into our single-chip solutions to reduce complexity, cost, and to allow for a sleek form factor at all price points.

Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation

Qualcomm® Adaptive ANC enhances comfort and the user experience for true wireless earbuds by dynamically adapting performance. It automatically adjusts according to the level of leak-through, the environment, and the tightness of fit in the ears. It also lets users seamlessly switch listening modes—from calls to music to using a voice assistant—with no interruption in the noise cancellation.

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Integrated ANC for the smallest form factors

By removing the need for external ANC components, development costs are minimized, and component size is reduced, which is vitally important for developing ultra-small form factor devices.

Ultra-low power consumption

Our low-power ANC has minimal impact on battery life so users can enjoy immersive audio all day.

Industry-leading performance

High-performance ANC is designed to provide high-quality listening experiences with low-latency binaural leak-through to help provide a natural experience while preserving spatial awareness.

Seamless user experience

Designed to run concurrently with other software features, our ANC technology allows users to transition smoothly from using noise-cancellation for listening to music, making calls or using voice assistants.

Built on a legacy of audio breakthroughs

Our latest ANC solutions are built on a decade of experience developing ANC that’s featured in millions of premium tier smartphones. We’re continuing to make technology advancements that are the driving force behind the next generation of truly wireless and hearable devices.

The Evolution of True Wireless Technology

Truly wireless earbuds are taking on an ever-increasing presence in the headset category. This report outlines consumer trends, needs, and technologies that will inform and enable the next-generation of truly wireless audio devices.

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