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Pushing the limits of high-speed Wi-Fi.

As part of Qualcomm Technologies' tri-band solution operating in the 60GHz band, 802.11ad complements the efficiency of 802.11ac by supporting ultra high-speed zones – as fast as 4.6Gbps. At this speed it’s possible to download a feature-length 4K movie in 18 seconds or a 1GB file from the cloud in three seconds. Not to mention, these ultra high-speed zones also help networks handle skyrocketing media traffic by increasing network capacity.

How does it work?

802.11ad utilizes a radio module of 32 antennas on the device and access point, and dynamically creates very narrow beams that focus towards specific users. This beamforming works with a wide swatch of spectrum (up to 2GHz) to provide multi-gigabit speeds to users. In turn, 802.11ad offers unprecedented power-per-bit efficiency that’s up to 5x higher throughput with a similar power consumption as 802.11ac. Plus, Qualcomm Technologies’ true tri-band also offers seamless transfer between 802.11ad and 802.11ac based on coverage, application, and context.

802.11ad: Multi-gigabit Wi-Fi transforming user experience

21 déc. 2015


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