802.11ad is a multi-gigabit Wi-Fi technology that allows you to download and share 4K videos in seconds as well as sync photo albums and access cloud content in near real time. It complements the efficiency of 802.11ac by supporting ultra-high-speed zones—as fast as 4.6 Gbps. 802.11ad not only benefits consumers with high-speed data, but also helps by providing a step-up increase in capacity.

Transforming Wi-Fi user experiences.

While transforming the user experience of existing Wi-Fi applications, 802.11ad will also enable a new class of applications that leverage multi-gigabit speeds. Users will be able to enjoy virtually lag-free docking, lighting-fast browsing, near seamless screen mirroring, turbocharged gaming, and mind-blowing untethered VR.

Multi-gigabit speeds

802.11ad utilizes a radio module of up to 32 antennas on the device and access point (i.e., hotspot), and dynamically creates very narrow beams that focus towards specific users. This beamforming is designed to work with a wide swatch of spectrum (up to 2 GHz) to provide multi-gigabit speeds to users.

Ultimate efficiency

802.11ad offers unprecedented power-per-bit efficiency that has up to 5x higher throughput with power consumption similar to 802.11ac. In addition, the Qualcomm Technologies 11ad solution offers near seamless connection transfer between 802.11ad and 802.11ac, based on coverage, application, and context.

5G experience

802.11ad utilizes the mmWave 60 GHz band, offering an early glimpse of 5G mobile user experiences today.


Gigabit Everywhere is Here

Sep 21, 2017


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