802.11ac featuring MU|EFX Multi-user MIMO

Qualcomm MU|EFX are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Do it all — all at once.

As Wi-Fi networks become more crowded with connected devices, it’s important that bandwidth is distributed in the most efficient way possible. Our 802.11ac technology, featuring Qualcomm® MU|EFX Multi-user MIMO does just that by serving each device simultaneously, and in turn making your network up to 3x faster while improving user throughput.

How does it work?

Although traditional Single-User MIMO networks can serve multiple devices, these networks may only serve them one at a time. This latency is not ideal for the increasing number of Wi-Fi devices in homes and traffic congestion at public places. In fact, it actually creates a drop in throughput and capacity, which then may decrease the speed and overall experience of networks. MU|EFX MU-MIMO changes the way Wi-Fi works by allowing multiple devices to be served simultaneously. This increases the individual user throughput as well as the overall capacity by up to three times.

Qualcomm MU|EFX Multi-user MIMO

May 14, 2018


Wi-Fi Advanced 11ac

May 11, 2012


Devices with Qualcomm Vive 802.11ac featuring MU|EFX MU-MIMO

802.11ac MU-MIMO has seen strong traction and is becoming main-stream with commercial launches of many access points, smart gateways, mobile devices, laptops and more. ABI Research estimates MU-MIMO IC shipments to cross 660 million by 2016, and reach 3.2 billion by 2019.

Access Points and Smart Gateways

Laptops and Computing Devices

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