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Quick Charge

Eventually, all devices need an energy boost. Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology, next-level charging technology for mobile devices powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors, keeps you and your device up and running efficiently by charging faster than conventional chargers—helping you stay connected, mobile and on the go.


aptX audio enhances the wireless sound quality in many of the top audio brands for smartphones, speakers, sound bars, headphones and tablets.


Qualcomm® cVc™ noise cancellation technology brings advanced audio enhancements and noise suppression to the near and far end, and provides packet loss and bit error concealment.


802.11ax is the next generation of Wi-Fi, delivering up to 4x greater capacity than previous technologies and making better use of that capacity to address the mounting demands of crowded, heterogeneous and dense Wi-Fi networks.


Our 802.11ad solutions bring multi-gigabit speed and low-latency connectivity to networks, smartphones and notebooks to revolutionize broadband and media experiences.

802.11ac with Multi-User MIMO

With more and more connected devices coming into the household, Wi-Fi networks are becoming overloaded. MU-MIMO serves multiple Wi-Fi devices virtually simultaneously, instead of one at a time – for 2-3x faster connections in crowded networks.

Channel Agility

Maximize performance in networks with multiple Wi-Fi devices. This access point feature reduces interference by assigning each device on your network the frequency most appropriate for it, producing a superior Wi-Fi experience for everyone.

Connectivity Engine (CnE)

Our connectivity engine built into Qualcomm Technologies' mobile chipsets assesses the quality, bandwidth, and policies of all available wireless connections before selecting the best link for the app you’re about to use.

Qualcomm® Bluetooth mesh

Qualcomm® Bluetooth mesh extends the range of Bluetooth wireless technology by turning Bluetooth-enabled devices into a security-rich network for the IoT.

Qualcomm® IoT Connectivity

The Qualcomm® IoT Connectivity feature suite sits “above” the connectivity hardware and associated frameworks, acting like a universal translator to ensure coexistence and interoperability.

Qualcomm® Streamboost™

There’s a smarter way to manage network traffic. StreamBoost™ is designed to allow each device to get just the right amount of bandwidth for the task at hand—so everyone on your network gets to enjoy fast Wi-Fi.

Qualcomm® Wi-Fi SON

With the number of connected devices in our homes increasing rapidly, new technology is needed to manage the growing traffic. Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON (Self-Organizing Network) automates security, bandwidth optimization and more, enabling complex systems to run smoothly, reliably and with minimal user effort.

Spectral Analysis

Wireless products don’t clutter your desk, but they do clutter the airwaves. VIVE is engineered to use advanced spectral analysis to locate interference and adjust Wi-Fi transmissions accordingly.

TruSignal Antennae Boost Technology

Using Qualcomm® TruSignal™ antenna boost technology, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ LTE modems can enhance radio performance for superior mobile experiences. That means improved network reliability, data speeds and call coverage-all delivered with astonishing power efficiency.

Wi-Fi Certified Miracast™

Share your smartphone videos, photos, and web pages on the big screen with ease.

Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint™

Automatically discover nearby Wi-Fi hotspots with your smartphone wherever you go—no new passwords or account numbers required.

Kryo CPU

The Qualcomm® Kryo™ CPU (built on ARM Cortex Technology) available in certain Snapdragon processors is optimized for high-performance mobile computing. It is designed to deliver premium performance using less power, generation after generation—helping to meet your mobile needs without compromise.

Hexagon DSP

The next-generation Qualcomm® Hexagon™ DSP is designed to deliver advanced imaging and sensor-based features while offloading tasks from the CPU to help save energy. Imaging and computer vision hardware help brighten up low-light areas of video and photos faster, using only a fraction of the power used by the CPU.

Qualcomm All-Ways Aware Hub

Qualcomm All-Ways Aware™ sensor technology senses and collects data at virtually all times while using very little battery life. It is designed to improve the battery efficiency of always-on activities like activity counters so you can keep track of your steps, and sensor-assisted location accuracy to help ensure you’re headed in the right direction.

Adreno GPU

A built-in Qualcomm® Adreno™ GPU is the powerhouse engine behind extraordinary video detail and fluid animations. It is designed to quickly render complex geometries for next-level visuals in games and apps with super-fast responsiveness and superior mobile connectivity in order to create truly immersive experiences.

Qualcomm Spectra ISP

Qualcomm Spectra™ dual ISPs are engineered to support high megapixel (MP) cameras, superb image quality, super-fast autofocus and cutting-edge noise reduction technologies—bringing professional-grade imagery to mobile devices.

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Clear Sight camera technology

Qualcomm® Clear Sight™ camera technology consists of a single, fully integrated hardware module using two cameras designed to take photos at the exact same time and instantly merge them together, providing outstanding image quality—even in low lighting. 

Hybrid auto focus

Devices featuring certain Snapdragon processors are designed to support lightning-fast hybrid auto focusing systems, so you can snap with precision.


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Low-light mobile photography

Snapdragon processors enable photos and videos that are bright and colorful, regardless of lighting conditions. The processors can scan for visual noise, brightening and sharpening spots as needed.

4K Ultra HD capture and playback

When it comes to displays, an increase in pixels means better clarity, depth and contrast. 4K Ultra HD—found in Snapdragon 8 series processors—employs four times the pixels of standard 1080p full HD.

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Select Snapdragon processors are ULTRA HD PREMIUM-ready with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), wider color gamut, and 10-bit color depth (HDR10). These technologies are engineered to deliver brighter whites and deeper blacks, making colors more vibrant and capturing details in the subject that might otherwise be lost with Standard Dynamic Range (SDR).

TruPalette color tuning

Truly accurate color requires fine tuning at the pixel level. Qualcomm® TruPalette™ display features are designed to work behind the scenes without any user adjustments to display settings. TruPalette is engineered to enhance a device display’s appearance through an intelligent color adjustment and gamut-mapping system, to make colors look vibrant and true to life.

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Low power light adjustment

Device displays using Qualcomm® low-power picture enhancement adapt to a device's surroundings, making the display easily viewed—even in bright sunlight.

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Audio hardware leadership

Qualcomm Aqstic audio codec and speaker amplifier

The Qualcomm Aqstic™ audio codec offers authentic Hi-Fi sound reproduction with high dynamic range and an ultra-low noise floor while using low power. And the speaker amplifier provides a loud volume boost with protection technology. Together, they are designed to deliver true studio-quality sound experiences to - smartphones with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Mobile Platform.

Immersive VR audio

Qualcomm Aqstic MPEG-H 3D audio

Feel truly immersed in VR with superior 360-degree surround sound, made possible by Qualcomm Aqstic MPEG-H scene-based audio. Extraordinary sound capture and playback is available in a unique, single scalable format.


Qualcomm Aqstic audio zoom and surround sound recording

Qualcomm Aqstic audio zoom uses multiple microphones on a mobile device, so you can easily hone in on a single sound source. And real 3D surround sound 5.1 recording is designed to allow you to have the best possible sound experience through your Snapdragon-powered device and home theater.


Qualcomm Aqstic active noise cancellation

With Qualcomm Aqstic active-noise-cancellation technology, uninterrupted music and crystal-clear audio phone calls are now possible on your battery-free, active-noise-cancellation headset. Qualcomm Aqstic is also engineered to improve device security and efficiency through low-power, always-on and always-listening voice activation.

Camera security

Using the very latest iris and facial recognition technology, secure camera — part of the Qualcomm® Mobile Security suite — takes user authentication to the next level to help support safe payments and purchases on your device.

Hardware Token

As another part of the Qualcomm Mobile Security suite, on-demand security tokens from the device to third-party backend services are designed to provide next-generation authentication and comprehensive encryption to help keep your mobile transactions confidential.

Qualcomm Mobile Security

Qualcomm® Malware Protection within the Qualcomm Mobile security suite uses real-time, machine learning-based malware detection as well as hardware-based security features to better protect data on your device against attacks.

Mobile Security Solutions

The Qualcomm® Mobile Security suite is designed to provide a robust, multidimensional suite of mobile security technologies based on a security-rich foundation of hardware and software, engineered for performance and efficiency in today's complex mobile environment.

DDFA amplifier technology

Our latest Qualcomm® DDFA™ digital amplifier technology is the result of over ten years of R&D, with the aim of helping to bring high-end amplification to more consumer audio devices than ever before.

Qualcomm Broadcast Audio

Qualcomm® Broadcast Audio helps one Bluetooth source to stream audio to multiple headsets or speakers with virtually perfect synchronization.


Qualcomm TrueWireless™ Stereo technology from Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. is designed to eliminate the need for wires entirely–not only between the media source and stereo headset, but also between the left and right earbuds.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming

Develop immersive games that don’t drain battery life with Snapdragon Elite Gaming on select Snapdragon mobile platforms. Our Snapdragon Elite Gaming solutions bring the best of console gaming to the mobile device, with a jam-packed arsenal of hardware and software features that deliver cinema-quality graphics, powerful audio, and smooth play.