CSRA6600 is a product of Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

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CSRA6600 Chipset

The CSRA6600 chipset is designed to combine with precision output stages to provide control functions for high quality, high power, digital input class D switching amplifiers. It is engineered to provide a scalable amplifier architecture with typical power levels from 25W to 100W. The chipset approach also allows performance level options to be selected.

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CSRA6600 Specs

Audio Playback

Playback Dynamic Range

  • 120dBm

General Audio

Input Resolution

  • Up to 32 bits

Input Sample Rate

  • Up to 192kHz

Power Level Range

  • 25W to 100W

Channel Output

  • 4 channels


Supported Interfaces

  • I²S
  • SPI



  • 1 DAC