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Driving innovation in connected healthcare technology and services.

Developing end-to-end solutions that are accelerating the shift to telemedicine.

To power the exponential growth of telehealth and telemedicine, Qualcomm® Connected Healthcare collaborates with industry-leading healthcare companies to innovate and develop scalable end-to-end technologies for a variety of healthcare services in order to enhance virtual interaction across the medical infrastructure. This collaborative approach helps to break down barriers by making it more cost effective for hospitals and care providers to implement a connected health solution.

Broad portfolio of integrated solutions

Qualcomm Connected Healthcare technologies and solutions feature advanced connectivity, low-power compute capabilities, the flexibility to implement a variety of AI use cases, as well as the ability to utilize input technology in camera/video applications and voice/audio technologies.

Support for streamlined production

By collaborating with healthcare companies in the initial development stages, Qualcomm Connected Healthcare is able to provide manufacturers and developers both time-to-commercialization advantages and bill-of-material savings for telemedicine devices and applications. This approach reduces design risks and bolsters investor confidence.

Healthcare ecosystem expertise and resources

We provide support and expertise to ensure the prototype-to-market process is as smooth as possible. Our vast network of resources includes telehealth resources, remote patient monitoring platforms, business mentoring, investment, and supply chain management.

Scalable for a variety of verticals and devices

By providing scalable solutions for a variety of telemedicine devices and use cases, Qualcomm Connected Healthcare works to enhance value-based virtual care across the medical infrastructure, including clinical and hospital settings, ambulatory settings, and remote monitoring and diagnostics-from-home scenarios.

Robust security solutions

Our digital health offerings integrate Qualcomm Technologies’ hardware-based security foundation and solutions in telemedicine applications and IoT devices for the healthcare industry. This is a necessity for ensuring the security with EMR (Electronic Medical Records), EHR (Electronic Health Records), and API integrations.

Impact of COVID19 on the following areas: Connected Healthcare-as-a-Service

Dec 10, 2020


Explore Connected Healthcare Categories

Qualcomm invents the foundational technology that makes connected healthcare, in all its forms, possible.

Remote patient and medication monitoring

Real-time monitoring of patients means providing a constant stream of data that enables accurate analytics and predications that can improve a patient’s outcome. This can all be done from a setting that is comfortable for the patient, which helps increase engagement levels, ultimately leading to improved quality of care.

Chronic disease management

Enhance patient quality of life with an integrated care approach to managing illness that includes on-demand screenings, virtual check-ups, real-time monitoring, and doctor-and-patient-coordinated treatment.

Prevention and wellness

Improving patient engagement in their healthcare journey may help improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care. Use our solutions to create a seamless experience with tools that offer in-home medical exams, real-time monitoring, and other connected healthcare kits that provide essential touchpoints.

Aging in place

Remote care devices with sensors, camera, voice activation, GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular connectivity help to track and monitor activity, medication and real-time health information to enable true “connected independence.”

Connected imaging

Connected imaging enhances collaboration among radiologists, physicians, and clinicians at different locations. This improves image interpretations while helping facilitate digital access and productivity to help lower operational costs.

Patient re-admission management

Reduce hospital readmissions by ensuring a seamless transition to home care through connected, personalized patient care platforms and notifications that help with both preventive and acute care.

At-home medical

At home medical solutions are smart devices and applications with connectivity and on-device AI capabilities. Available enhancements like sensors, cameras, and wearables provide accurate real-time patient data and insights to physicians so critical decisions on diagnosis and treatment can be made remotely.

Tele ICU

Cellular connectivity is crucial for deploying high-quality Tele ICU platforms that can support intuitive data and modeling tools to minimize the risk exposure by ensuring critical care teams is connected with patients in distance intensive care units (ICUs) via real-time audio, visual and EMR integrations that helps with early diagnosis and discharge of patients.

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