Enterprise Security Cameras

Next-generation smart security for the enterprise.

Safeguard the enterprise environment with advanced AI and smarter computing.

Develop enterprise security cameras that support intelligence at the edge—the convergence of AI, machine learning, connectivity, and security. The Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform is purpose-built with powerful image processing and machine learning for smart camera products in the enterprise IoT space.

Advanced Camera Features

Our dual ISPs support staggered HDR, low light noise reduction, and enhanced auto-focus performance. Experience premium 4K @60fps HEVC video capture and playback with support for secondary streams for preview and streaming. The Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform also supports electronic image stabilization (EIS), low-light noise reduction, lens distortion correction (LDC), and chromatic aberration correction (CAC).

On-Device AI and Machine Learning

Perform face/body detection, face recognition, object classification, license plate recognition, and more using the Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine. Our reference platforms also include third-party algorithms for performing on-device stitching of dual camera streams.

Integrated connectivity and peripherals

Provide a range of display options with integrated connectivity support for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® 5.1, and USB, plus advanced on-device audio analytics and processing features with support for integrated display processors.

Power-efficient intelligent edge

Our highly optimized, custom CPU, GPU and DSP are designed to provide high compute capability at low power. Experience heterogeneous computing made simple with easy-to-use SDKs that provide the flexibility to implement a variety of AI use cases, including running DNNs and inferencing on the DSP.

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