Purpose built cameras for intelligent IoT devices.

The future of AI-inspired, feature-rich smart cameras is here. Combining powerful image processing and AI with machine learning, our camera solutions are designed to help you create a wide variety of intelligent IoT devices across consumer and enterprise applications, including home security, enterprise security, 360 cameras, portable cameras, wearable devices, dash cams, smart displays, and more.

On-device machine learning

Utilize on-device machine learning and support for neural networks to perform a variety of video analytics, object detection, facial detection and recognition, multi-object tracking, and object classification.

Enhanced camera features

Build cameras that support dual ISPs, capture, playback, and stream premium 4K High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), support for staggered HDR, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), low light noise reduction, dual-microphones, and machine learning applications.

Intelligent edge computing

Deliver image processing and AI applications with optimum performance and low energy consumption using our system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions with customized CPUs, GPUs, and DSP processing engines.

Sports and Action Cameras

Build rugged sports, VR, 360 and action cameras for athletes and weekend warriors with our Vision Intelligence Platform. This integrated hardware and software architecture enables camera manufacturers to build low-power, ultra-compact devices with long-lasting battery life.

Heterogeneous computing
Power efficiency
True-to life 4K60 video
Up to 32MP wide dynamic range photos

Home Security

Most cameras can only show you what’s happening now or what happened in the past. But if your camera understood what it was seeing, it could tell you specifics — like what your pet is doing, if your kids have come home, or if the house cleaner is on time. What’s more, you can tell it what you care about, and your smart home security camera will tell you when those specific things happen

Enterprise Security Cameras

Develop enterprise security cameras that support intelligence edge—the convergence of AI, machine learning, connectivity, and security. With Qualcomm’s Vision Intelligence Platform, OEMs can build enterprise cameras with advanced low-light functionality, improving safety in typically hard-to-see areas such as dark alley ways and parking lots. Our solutions enable machine learning so cameras can learn to identify different people and objects, while sending only relevant to the cloud addressing for privacy concerns and cloud cost .

Advanced Camera Features
Power-efficient intelligent edge
Integrated AI
Cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
Integrated Security Features

Wearable Cameras

Our Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platforms enable manufacturers to keep up with and exceed user demands. They demonstrate our commitment to pushing boundaries in the IoT space by bringing powerful visual and edge computing for machine learning to wearable cameras as well as a wide range of other consumer and enterprise IoT devices.

Powerful image processing
AI with machine learning
Rich sensor support
Optimized hardware and software