Changing cars for changing times.

Secure, connected-car services and lifecycle management.

The Qualcomm Car-to-Cloud Services is an integrated, secure services suite for today’s connected cars. By leveraging our wide range of automotive technology assets, IP, and expertise in complex systems engineering, the Car-to-Cloud Services is designed to help automakers improve cost efficiencies, create service revenue opportunities throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle and provide advanced user experiences for customers and drivers. The Car-to-Cloud Service also provides automakers the opportunity to unlock new revenue streams throughout the lifecycle of a vehicle with over-the-air (OTA) updates, on-demand unlocking of features, bundled as well as pay-as-you-use services,  while gathering valuable vehicle and usage analytics.

Unlocking the true value and potential of the connected car.

Future-proof design for fast deployment timeframes

Implement features now, with the ability to upgrade throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. Activate only when needed with opportunities to sell on-demand services to customers

Cost-efficient operation

Cost-efficient connectivity services and over-the-air updates, recall/warranty management, and pay-as-you-use for hardware, software and services.

Actionable insights

Opportunity to receive insights about application and feature usage, and make informed decisions based on monitoring hardware and feature usage

New services and revenue opportunities

New connected services, on-demand services for car sharing and Car as a Service (CaaS) and upsell opportunities after lease return.

Personalized user experiences for passengers

Fexibility to design unique experiences based on insights and analytics, plus segmented bundled content, app and services creating new potential revenue streams.

Integrated connectivity

Global operators for bootstrap connectivity, regulation compliance and integration with local operators, and differentiate traffic for sponsored connectivity offerings.

Secure & attested communication

Anchored by secured keys in Qualcomm Technologies’ chipset hardware and car-to-cloud secured server infrastructure.

Content, services and application bundling

New ecosystem of pre-integrated partners provides for flexible packages for both personal and enterprise buyers.