Soundbars and Home Theater

Home theater experiences with powerful, lifelike audio.

Get ready to create more immersive home cinema experiences with Qualcomm Technologies’ high-fidelity soundbar and home theater solutions. Engineered for innovation at virtually all tiers, now you can take advantage of comprehensive, highly-integrated platforms that help you create powerful surround-sound experiences, while optimizing product development time and cost.

Exceed consumer expectations, reduce development costs.

We understand the importance of staying highly competitive and reducing development costs, while satisfying consumer demands for high-fidelity audio solutions that offer the latest in home theater and soundbar technology. Our flexible, feature-rich solutions are designed to deliver on high performance, premium sound quality and robust wireless connectivity across a wide range of product tiers—all while helping to optimize BOM costs.

Comprehensive, cost effective

Build feature-rich high-fidelity soundbar products more efficiently at virtually any tier with our comprehensive, cost-effective platform solutions — combining industry-leading audio technologies and supporting a simplified BOM that help you reduce development time.

Easy integration

Readily customize our platforms to help meet your product’s application-specific needs, with flexible and easier integration and lower development overhead.


Develop with more robust, advanced Wi-Fi connectivity—even in areas prone to Wi-Fi disruption or interference—and support low-frequency audio transition between soundbar and subwoofers.


Designed to deliver consistent, high-quality audio over Bluetooth while ensuring that high-quality sound is not affected by Bluetooth transmission, and provide high quality streaming media from virtually any connected device.

Low-latency connectivity

Support networked audio and control, even for gaming applications.

The State of Play report.

The consumer audio landscape is evolving quickly. To understand how, we surveyed 6,000 smartphone users from the U.S., U.K., China, Japan, India, and Germany to gain a broad global view of current attitudes and purchase drivers.

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