Smart Speakers

Advanced smart speakers for next-generation user experiences.

Go ahead. Create more intelligent, intuitive smart speaker systems and voice-enabled home assistants with Qualcomm Technologies’ smart audio solutions. Our highly-integrated solutions are designed to deliver industry-leading connectivity, immersive sound quality, and next-generation voice control — giving you the freedom to build smart audio products that offer the convenience and superior listening experiences that audio enthusiasts can enjoy virtually everywhere.

Qualcomm QCS400 smart audio SoC series

Mar 19, 2019


Comprehensive platforms purpose-built for smart audio.

You want to stay a leap ahead of the competition. That means developing smart speakers quickly—and at a low cost—to keep up with consumer demand for robust features and functionality like speaker voice recognition, while reducing audio degradation at-home and on-the-go.


Our end-to-end smart speaker platform is powered by industry-leading technologies designed to help you more efficiently and easily create smart speakers that differentiate on acoustic design, audio digital signal processor (DSP) processing, apps, and cloud service functionality — all while providing superior sound in intelligent and connected smart Bluetooth speaker products.

Integrated, ready-to-use

More efficiently and easily build feature-rich smart speakers with support for voice control and voice input.

Superior audio quality and immersive sound

Support differentiating sound quality in smart speakers and smart home assistants at virtually all tiers.

Rich connectivity

Create smart speakers with robust connectivity that’s designed to keep a strong and smooth connection with low-latency streaming, multi-room networking, and coexistence between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee.

Easier, customized integration

Customize our platforms to help meet application-specific needs, while minimizing your development overhead.

Display capabilities

Develop smart speakers with display interfaces that support visually rich applications and graphics, such as album cover art.


CSRA6640 Use Case Animation

Mar 19, 2019


Enhanced Voice UI Use Case Animation

Mar 19, 2019


Immersive Audio Use Case Animation

Mar 19, 2019


Smart Audio Use Case Animation

Mar 19, 2019


The State of Play report

The consumer audio landscape is evolving quickly. To understand how, we surveyed 6,000 smartphone users from the U.S., U.K., China, Japan, India, and Germany to gain a broad global view of current attitudes and purchase drivers.

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