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The 3rd Generation Qualcomm Sensing Hub

This year, we are introduced a brand new low power AI sub-system within our Sensing Hub. This is a multi-core architecture that consists of a dedicated AI processor, a DSP, plus its own memory to process contextual data streams including voice, audio, sensors, and connectivity. This AI processor is now 75 % more powerful in AI performance, and 50% lower power consumption than the previous generation. It is supporting your favorite always-on features, like your voice assistant, activity detection and environment understanding in the background.   

3rd Generation Sensing Hub

Dec 16, 2021


Low-power audio subsystem (LPASS)

At the core of your high-fidelity audio and voice assistant is our low-power audio subsystem (LPASS) The LPASS sits inside the Qualcomm® Hexagon™ Processor, part of the Qualcomm® AI Engine, and its purposely-built for audio and voice processing combing multiple scalar accelerators and other audio-related hardware to support functionality from audio coding/decoding and voice verification for security features, to audio speech recognition and machine learning.

Qualcomm Voice Assist

Qualcomm® Voice Assist technology on the Snapdragon 888 Mobile Platform makes on-device voice interaction easier than previous generations. It is designed to allow devices to have always-on and always-listening capabilities, giving voice-driven smart assistants improved always-on keyword detection and ultra-low-power voice processing while using very little battery life. This is made possible by the 2nd gen Qualcomm® Sensing Hub and advanced voice assist software running the 6th gen Qualcomm AI Engine.

Qualcomm Audio and Voice Communication Suite

AI-enhanced Noise Suppression

Dec 1, 2020


Multi-mic echo cancellation and noise suppression

Qualcomm® multi-mic Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression (ECNS) technology is engineered to isolate noisy environments from voice signals to enable the clearest possible audio on phone calls.

Adaptive active noise cancellation

Qualcomm® adaptive active noise-cancellation (ANC) technology now is designed to support uninterrupted music and crystal-clear audio during phone calls.

High Definition Audio

Our high definition audio offers new series of modules to bring high definition audio for both playback and record use cases on smartphones. The new modules are optimized for incredible performance with our cutting-edge hardware.

Audio Capture

We’re offering our latest Multi-Mic 3D Audio Capture in addition to the popular High Dynamic Range (HDR) Recording technologies thanks to our unique hardware adaptability with the Qualcomm Aqstic™ audio codec WCD 9380 and 9385 series. Here are details of these recoding features and more:

HDR Audio Capture

Dec 16, 2021


HDR Record

Our High Dynamic Range (HDR) audio record allows you to capture sounds which were previously impossible in smartphone recordings. Qualcomm HDR audio record is designed to extend the range of capturing from very low to very high loudness preserving the crisp and natural sonic qualities of our surrounding sounds just the way our ears hear them. Ultimately, allowing us to record sound just as we hear, from the loudest concerts to the most delicate ambient sounds.

3D Audio Record

Our Multi-Mic 3D audio capture solution is a codec independent chain that is engineered to capture the entire 360 sound field by preserving the elevation data similar to our natural hearing capabilities. This feature is available on both 3 and 4 mic solutions.

Audio Zoom/Focus

Our Audio Zoom and Audio Focus use multiple microphones on your mobile device to focus in the intended direction you want to record, and minimize sound coming from other directions. This allows you to concentrate on a single sound source, like in a one-on-one conversation. This feature is available for both 3 and 4 mic solutions.

Wind Noise Reduction

Our Wind Noise Reduction solution is designed to offer an effective suppression of wind noise for both Audio and Voice use cases. It works in tandem with our 3D Audio Capture, Audio Zoom and Audio Focus to provide comprehensive high quality solution.

Audio Playback

Qualcomm Technologies offers a cutting-edge end-to-end speaker playback post processing solution. Providing best-in-class speaker playback enhancement technologies for smartphones which encompass a broad range of technologies from Dynamic Processing to Bass Enhancement and many more.

Qualcomm Aqstic Smart Speaker Amplifier

Nov 30, 2020


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