Headphones and Headsets

Elevate the headphone and headset experience.

Qualcomm Technologies’ headphones and headsets technology solutions power some of the world’s most recognizable audio brands. Our comprehensive platform solutions, including our premium Bluetooth audio connectivity and aptX codec, provide rich, high-quality sound for all headset types and across industries, ranging from sports to entertainment. 

Overcome challenges in Bluetooth headphone technology product development.

Creating headphones and headset products in today’s competitive environment can be extremely challenging. Leading end products deliver high quality sound while meeting a variety of consumer needs at different price points, such as being small in size, lightweight, high quality, energy efficient and packed with features. Our versatile Bluetooth headphone technology platforms and solutions help customers quickly develop and commercialize a wide spectrum of low-tier mono through premium stereo audio headset products.

Industry-leading noise cancellation technology

Provide a superior listening experiences using our advanced sound quality and noise cancellation technologies, which over-perform, even in the noisiest environments. 

Broad portfolio

Develop cost-effective solutions for multiple types and tiers of headset product with our feature-specific platforms.

Low overhead costs

Focus on easy product integration with minimal development time by employing our ready-to-use, customizable solutions.

HD-quality Bluetooth sound

Deliver high-quality, “as good as wired” sound over Bluetooth wireless transmission using Qualcomm® aptX™ HD, with support for up to 24-bit high definition (HD) audio, with our Bluetooth headphone technology.

Low latency connectivity

Build wireless headsets with the rich audio and very low latency needed for video and gaming applications.

Ultra-low power

Develop feature-rich headset products without unnecessarily compromising on battery life.

Small form factor

Meet growing consumer demands for small, lightweight headphones and headsets.

Advanced technology

Create any headset product using our cutting-edge echo and bi-directional noise cancellation technology.

Robust wireless audio

Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive is a ground-breaking new audio coding technology which combines robust premium audio quality, low-bit rate audio transmission, scalability and the opportunity for low-latency designed to create the ultimate superior wireless listening experience for end users.

Discover our platforms suitable for virtually any headphone or headset product.

Our headphone and headset platforms provide customers with the flexibility needed to create a variety of end products for sport, leisure or office settings, including:

  • Mono headphone and headsets
  • Stereo headsets, headphones and earbuds

  • Personal assistant headsets
  • Sports and smart headsets

  • True Wireless earbuds
  • Ambient noise cancellation (ANC) headsets

The State of Play report.

The consumer audio landscape is evolving quickly. To understand how, we surveyed 6,000 smartphone users from the U.S., U.K., China, Japan, India, and Germany to gain a broad global view of current attitudes and purchase drivers.

Other ways to develop audio products with Bluetooth headphone technology from Qualcomm Technologies.

Request an Audio Development Kit

Qualified headset and headphone designers can get access to an Audio Development Kit (ADK), along with premium-tier flash-based products. The ADK includes reference application software and qualified Bluetooth software stacks in addition to development tools. 

Qualcomm eXtension Program

The eXtension Program consists of Qualcomm Technologies collaborations with third-party companies who port their digital signal processor (DSP)-based software solutions to run on our premium-tier flash-based products. Qualcomm eXtension Program software solutions cover a diverse range of areas, including noise cancelling technology, noise reduction, speech recognition, text-to-speech, audio enhancement and sound post-processing. 

Find a sales solutions provider

Qualcomm Technologies works with distributors, design centers and module and software providers around the world to enable efficient design, development and distribution of leading voice and music products. 

Get started building with our headphones and headset solutions.