Audio Features

See how our unique portfolio of voice and music features help create unparalleled user experiences.


aptX audio enhances the wireless sound quality in many of the top audio brands for smartphones, speakers, sound bars, headphones and tablets. 


Qualcomm® cVc™ noise cancellation technology brings advanced audio enhancements and noise suppression to the near and far end, and provides packet loss and bit error concealment.

DDFA amplifier technology

Our latest Qualcomm® DDFA™ digital amplifier technology is the result of over ten years of R&D, with the aim of helping to bring high-end amplification to more consumer audio devices than ever before.

Qualcomm Broadcast Audio

Qualcomm® Broadcast Audio helps one Bluetooth source to stream audio to multiple headsets or speakers with virtually perfect synchronization


Qualcomm TrueWireless™ Stereo technology from Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. is designed to eliminate the need for wires entirely–not only between the media source and stereo headset, but also between the left and right earbuds.

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