Qualcomm Extension Program

Qualcomm Extension Program

The Qualcomm® Extension Program helps to extend the capabilities of our audio platforms with a unique set of software features available for licensing directly from our program members. The program is designed to help reduce development time with many plug-and-play features already integrated onto our audio platforms, connect our customers with audio experts, and in some cases help to reduce costs by replacing dedicated hardware with software alternatives.


There are major shifts in the audio industry right now. The way we listen to, interact with, and connect to our audio devices is changing. Consumers want many different functions from their headsets and speakers which is placing demand on manufacturers to innovate to deliver new features and use cases. The Qualcomm Extension Program is designed to help our customers by facilitating the integration of new and differentiating features more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Software Solutions
Solutions with External Components
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Software solutions available from program members directly include:

  • Music enhancement for optimal music rendering, including multi-band equalizer, dynamic compressors and limiters, stereo widening and 3D audio algorithms
  • Voice enhancement including beamforming, echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Voice recognition solutions for always-on-voice and responsive voice commands
  • Hearing enhancement and hearing loss compensation algorithms
  • Biometrics algorithms to help identify individuals and personalize the user experience
  • Binaural stereo recording and uplink audio technology for 3D audio capture, playback and karaoke use cases
  • Software-based location tracker for small form-factor Bluetooth earbuds
  • Audio codec technology for high-resolution support over Bluetooth

The Qualcomm Extension Program may also help the integration of dedicated hardware devices alongside our SoCs to extend the capabilities of our platforms further, including:

  • Support for the Knowles IA610 smart microphone and QuickLogic EOS S3 voice and motion sensor platform to help deliver ultra-low power voice recognition features in battery-powered devices
  • Integration of the Lofelt LoSound audio-to-haptics motor to help enhance and extend the bass response and immersion on headsets with haptic vibrations

The Qualcomm Extension Program can also help to connect IP developers, OEMs and manufacturers with experienced software contractors to help accelerate the integration of features with or alongside our audio platforms and SoCs, such as DSP algorithms or mobile applications.

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Qualcomm Extension Program currently includes solutions from: