Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Build feature-rich Bluetooth speakers.

Deliver extraordinary wireless Bluetooth speaker experiences.

Stay competitive with Qualcomm Technologies’ Bluetooth wireless speakers platforms. Our solutions are flexible and easy to integrate into a variety of price points across all tiers of speaker products that can be used indoors or out. Deliver the highest quality sound and rich functionality for Bluetooth-enabled speakers with our all-in-one silicon and software platforms—so gamers, music lovers, and home movie theater enthusiasts can play and stream with ease.

Industry-leading sound quality

Develop Bluetooth wireless speakers that deliver consistent high-fidelity sound, even in challenging radio environments, with our unique, high-performance audio technologies such as our Qualcomm® aptX™ audio codec which supports low latency and HD wireless audio.

Highly-integrated technology

Develop feature-rich Bluetooth wireless speakers while simplifying development using our platform approach, which integrates multiple leading technologies into one solution.

Comprehensive portfolio

Choose from our range of platforms and technologies to get the best fit for your Bluetooth-enabled speaker product requirements at any tier.

Flexible integration

Meet application-specific needs and minimize development overhead with our customizable platforms.

Ultra-low power

Build feature-rich speaker products that let your customers take their favorite music anywhere they go—without compromising on battery life.

Voice Assist

Find technologies capable of bringing voice wake-up and voice assistant support via the mobile phone to your Bluetooth Speaker portfolio.

Get started building Bluetooth wireless speaker products with the QCC5100 Series.

The QCC5100 series enables manufacturers to develop compact, feature-rich wireless earbuds, headsets, and speakers that meet consumer demand for extended battery life and playback time.

The 2021 State of Sound Report

The State of Sound Report is an annual study featuring research insights based on data from thousands of audio consumers around the world. The use of audio devices overall has expanded since 2020. Many consumers today are heavily reliant on their audio products to aid connectivity, as well as for video watching, gaming, remote working, and music listening.

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