Bluetooth and Wireless Speakers

Provide extraordinary wireless Bluetooth speaker experiences.

Discover how you can build leading wireless speaker products with Bluetooth technology using Qualcomm Technologies’ Bluetooth speakers platform and solutions. Our all-in-one silicon and software platforms deliver the highest quality sound and rich functionality for all types of Bluetooth-enabled speakers—so gamers, video viewers and music lovers can keep playing and streaming with ease.

Overcome challenges from wireless technology product development.

Developing Bluetooth speakers in today’s extremely competitive environment is more demanding than ever. Customers must manage a variety of consumer expectations, including size, features and price—all while building end products quickly and at a low cost. To help ensure successful widespread adoption, wireless speaker technology must also provide high-quality streaming audio, support high-definition (HD) audio and deliver feature differentiation.


Our Bluetooth technology platform solutions are flexible and easy to integrate into all types and tiers of products that can be used indoors or out, and deliver outstanding audio quality over a Bluetooth wireless connection.

Single solution Bluetooth technology

Develop feature-rich speakers with Bluetooth wireless capabilities using our platform approach, which integrates multiple leading technologies into one solution.

Comprehensive portfolio

Find feature-specific platform solutions that offer the best fit for a wide array of Bluetooth-enabled speaker products.

Ready-to-use wireless Bluetooth technology platforms

Build complete, feature-rich, Bluetooth-enabled speakers quickly and easily.

Flexible integration

Meet application-specific needs and minimize development overhead with our customized platforms.

Industry-leading sound quality

Develop Bluetooth speakers that deliver consistent sound performance, even in noisy environments, with our unique, high-performance stereo codec.

HD audio over Bluetooth

Ensure excellent sound delivered over Bluetooth wireless transmission by developing Bluetooth speakers with support for 24-bit HD audio. 

Low-latency connectivity

Create Bluetooth-enabled speakers with audio capabilities that enable low-latency audio suitable for video and gaming applications.

Ultra-low power

Build feature-rich speaker products that let your customers take their favorite music anywhere they go—without compromising on battery life.

Get started building Bluetooth speaker products with the CSR8605 ROM Speaker.

The CSR8605 enables portable Bluetooth speakers with impressive audio quality for music streaming from smartphone or tablet to create a go-anywhere user experience.  

The State of Play report.

The consumer audio landscape is evolving quickly. To understand how, we surveyed 6,000 smartphone users from the U.S., U.K., China, Japan, India, and Germany to gain a broad global view of current attitudes and purchase drivers.

Get started building with our bluetooth speaker solutions.