AI makes life more intuitive.

We’re scaling AI to create new possibilities.

Artificial intelligence applications and devices will transform industries, scaling the future of transportation, defining new opportunities for smart homes and cities, creating wide-reaching mobile XR experiences, and powering the factory of the future. And our AI leadership will help accelerate the commercialization and scale of AI—making AI ubiquitous around the globe.


We are researching and developing power-efficient AI technology, which is fundamental across industries and products, spanning from smartphones and automotive to the IoT and data centers. Our AI solutions offer many benefits, including user privacy, enhanced reliability, and efficient use of network bandwidth—allowing the mobile industry to scale AI to trillions of devices.

Power efficiency

Power efficiency is essential for AI. We research deep learning techniques for power-efficient implementations and optimization across hardware, algorithms, and software—with a focus on fundamentals to accelerate deep learning workloads at low power to maximize overall efficiency.


AI, through continuous learning, brings personalization to our devices, which is essential for superior user experiences. We research continuous learning techniques that allow adaption to user behavior and preferences, bringing a human-like understanding and behavior to IoT devices.


We have spent the past decade deep in AI research and development, resulting in the creation of the components necessary to scale AI across industries. To make AI ubiquitous, we’re focused on making efficient hardware, algorithmic advancements, and software tools available to developers and OEMs.

AI is transforming everything.

Qualcomm is making AI ubiquitous—a world where virtually everyone and everything is intelligently connected.

Explore AI Categories

Mobile AI

We’re making smartphones even smarter with on-device AI. Engineered to enable next-level AI experiences, our on-device AI learns and adapts to user behavior—making cameras more intelligent, virtual assistants more reliable, and XR even more engaging. The Qualcomm AI Engine makes on-device AI experiences more compelling and valuable to the end user with extended battery life and better overall AI performance, even without network connectivity.

Automotive AI

The Snapdragon Ride™ Platform utilizes our proven heterogeneous compute capabilities to enable autonomous vehicles. Our scalable, customizable solutions provide the flexibility automakers need to design in-demand safety and convenience features for a wider range of vehicles.


IoT connects devices, but AI at the edge is what makes them smart. From enterprise to residential applications our IoT AI solutions support a variety of use cases including Smart homesIndustrial and Commercial, and Connected Healthcare, plus CamerasWearables and Audio. The Qualcomm AI Engine was designed to run machine learning models in IoT devices, such as a security camera that recognizes a family member and activates a smart lock to allow entry. Or an office building that allows employees onto an elevator based on a touchpad. The Qualcomm AI Engine enables better security and privacy to IoT devices combined with faster processing and a reduced need for network bandwidth.


Reimagine the extended reality (XR) experience with Snapdragon platforms. Our XR solutions combine AI, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for truly dynamic, 360° XR experiences. Our Snapdragon platforms are making intelligent AR a reality with crystal-clear audio and brilliant graphics that immerse the user in their virtual world.

Cloud AI Solutions

Our cloud AI solutions are built from the ground up to deliver leading edge AI experiences. Our AI solution is designed to meet cloud AI inferencing needs for data center providers, addressing cloud requirements such as power efficiency, scale, and signal processing so datacenters can run inference on the edge cloud faster and more efficiently.

Featured AI Tools and SDK

Neural Processing SDK

The Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for artificial intelligence is engineered to help developers save time and effort in optimizing performance of trained neural networks on devices with Snapdragon. The SDK provides tools for model conversion and execution plus APIs for targeting the core with the power and performance profile to match the desired user experience.

Snapdragon Developer Tools

Optimize your applications to run on Snapdragon mobile platforms with Qualcomm Snapdragon Developer Tools, including the Snapdragon Profiler to help identify app performance problems; the Snapdragon Power Optimization SDK to help improve performance and battery life; and the Snapdragon Heterogeneous Compute SDK, our user-level library.

Hexagon DSP SDK

The Hexagon DSP SDK enables developers to tap into world-class, hardware-enabled multimedia features to deliver premium interactive user experiences in less time. The Hexagon SDK helps overcome development hurdles, including lack of battery and insufficient processing power while helping to ensure multimedia processing efficiency.

AI Model Efficiency Toolkit

The Qualcomm AI Model Efficiency Toolkit (AIMET) is open source on GitHub to collaborate with other leading AI researchers and to provide a simple library plugin for AI developers to utilize for breakthrough model efficiency performance.

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