Application Processors

Power high-tech devices for the IoT.

Make the next generation of devices more aware, connected, and interactive.

Qualcomm® Application Processors are driving digital transformation and enabling the next generation of advanced devices for the Internet of Things. From intelligent cameras to interactive kiosks, to intuitive robots and smart displays, Qualcomm Application Processors power the IoT.

AI for differentiated user experiences

On-device machine learning through the Qualcomm® AI Engine can support AI use cases including face detection, face recognition, object detection/tracking, and people counting.

Integrated audio and camera support

Purpose-built for the unique requirements of the IoT and optimized for multiple applications with support for camera, audio, voice UI and hardware-based security

Integrated connectivity

Integrated wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity make Qualcomm Application Processors ideal for innovative IoT applications. Purpose built for a variety of uses including smart cameras, smart displays, and smart appliances, plus robotics, digital signage, industrial handhelds, and POS payment devices.

Low power, high performance

Our platforms are optimized for high-performance computing—built to power today’s demanding IoT products with a low-power architecture by balancing the workload across internal components for longer battery life.

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