Say "hello" to high quality.

The AllPlay audio player software is designed to deliver seamless, high-quality audio experiences that perform equally well with local media and cloud-based streaming services. The quality continues across a full range of leading operating systems and audio formats including broad lossy, lossless, and even high-resolution uncompressed audio.

A simple solution for advanced systems.

The AllPlay smart audio module combines a light footprint with exceptional performance for low-latency streaming across up to ten audio zones at once. The media player offers cross-brand, cross-platform compatibility while supporting advanced use cases, including:

  • Superior multi-zone and party mode synchronization
  • Collaborative and social experiences like group playlists and guest modes

Manufacturers are using AllPlay.

Check out some of the current devices from manufacturers that are powered by Qualcomm® AllPlay™.  


With a high quality sound and an amazing presence, D-Home WS200 & WS300 multiroom speakers allow streaming your preferred music everywhere in your home. Combined with D-Home Music app, entertainment meets comfort and smart connected experiences.


D-Stream provide a range of Streamers and Connected amplifiers. Equipped with two 60W amps with very low THD, the WAMP200 brings to audiophiles a simple way to listen High-Resolution music from smartphones, tablets, PC/NAS server or from online services

FON Gramofon

Gramofon turns your sound system into a Wi-Fi music player. Stream music wirelessly from your favorite music services and internet radio stations straight to your sound system directly from the cloud. Gramofon comes with Qualcomm AllPlay. You can group multiple Gramofons to work in sync and play the same music on every speaker or play different music on each speaker around the home.

Hitachi Smart Wi-Fi Series Speakers

Hitachi's smart speakers offer seamless streaming of high-quality local and cloud-based audio content – with the high performance and versatility of Wi-Fi.

Monster SoundStage™ Speakers

Revolutionary design. Game-changing wireless connectivity. Unparalleled sonic performance. SoundStage will alter the way you listen to music at home forever.

Medion® Life® P69055

With wireless access and the MEDION® LIFE® P69055 WiFi multiroom speaker you can enjoy all your favorite music in any room from your smartphone, tablet, desktop or notebook .


Musaic plays music from Apple and Android devices, Macs and PCs, UPnP/DLNA servers and NAS drives. Musaic is compatible with iTunes, Windows Media Player and a wide range of the latest streaming apps and features built-in internet radio. Play the same music in every room, group rooms together or play different music in different rooms.

Panasonic ALL Series Speakers

Enjoy Hi-Fi Sound with a Multi-Room System. Listener-defined multi-room zones. Multiple music streams from local devices, cloud-based music subscription services and Internet radio. Easily connects over an existing Wi-Fi network.