The best-sounding house on the block.

Wireless speakers and audio devices that use the Qualcomm® AllPlay™ smart media platform can work together seamlessly regardless of product brand. AllPlay helps manufacturers create compatible devices and services. It also helps developers create compatible Android and iOS music streaming applications, so you can have a high-quality whole-home audio experience.

Did you know?

The AllPlay smart audio platform can stream music across as many as ten different audio zones at once.

You're the maestro.

Whether you play music from your phone, your tablet, a local server, or the cloud, you can master your sound system with seamless streams to compatible speakers, soundbars, receivers, and more.

The whole house in perfect harmony.

AllPlay media streaming synchronization technology lets you play a song in multiple rooms, beautifully in sync.

Keep the peace.

Can’t agree on a station? Switch to multi-zone to play different music in every room from a single device.

Set multiple moods.

Use separate volume controls for each zone or one master control for all.

Stream on.

Your favorite music subscription services and Internet radio stations put a world of recorded music at your fingertips. AllPlay can help you put it everywhere else. And the list of announced services is growing.

Coming Soon

AllPlay also supports Bluetooth-to-Wi-Fi re-streaming, which allows consumers to stream from any music service or media player on their iOS or Android device to compatible speaker powered by AllPlay. To enjoy your favorite music service throughout your home, simply stream to one Bluetooth-compatible speaker powered by Qualcomm AllPlay, and it will re-stream the audio over Wi-Fi to the rest of your AllPlay-powered speakers around your house.

AllPlay™ in Action

May 14, 2018


Connect your world.

AllPlay is built on the AllJoyn™ framework, hosted by the AllSeen Alliance, to break through limitations of vertical solutions, such as lack of flexibility and uncertain interoperability. With AllPlay, your favorite speakers can also interact with other connected devices in the larger ecosystem of the Internet of Everything.  It’s yet another example of how our intelligent connectivity enables you to do more in your daily life.