It's how you, your MD, and your info stay connected.

Now you and your care team (i.e., doctors, nurses, caregivers, family) can easily share your biometric data. This cloud-based system works with various medical devices and applications to acquire, transmit, and store your numbers.

Did you know?

The 2net™ Platform is one of the only non-exclusive, open, and inter-operable platforms in the health care industry designed to deliver care at a lower cost.

2net mobilizes your info, keeping it safe but easily accessible to you.


The 2net Hub is a compact plug-and-play gateway comprised of short-range radios (Bluetooth®, Bluetooth® Low Energy, ANT+, and Wi-Fi).


The 2net Platform supports secure socket layer (SSL) communication.


2net is part of the Qualcomm Life Ecosystem, a group of over 400 collaborators including medical device manufacturers, health service providers, app developers, and more.

There are four ways to record and transmit your info to the data center:

Medical Device + 2net Hub

A medical device with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2.4Ghz ANT, or USB can transmit data to the 2net Hub, which has a built-in cellular component to connect to the cloud.

Medical Device + 2net Mobile

A medical device with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi can transmit data to your smartphone or tablet, which can then connect to the cloud.

Just the Medical Device

Any device with its own built-in cellular component can connect to the cloud, no secondary device needed.

A partner Service Application

Systems and platforms that record your biometric data can align with the 2net Platform to easily transmit your data.

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Join the ever-growing list of home health services providers, developers, and medical device manufacturers leveraging 2net. Together, we can build the health care ecosystem of the future.


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