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Innovation starts with Qualcomm® products.

Qualcomm invents foundational technologies that transform how the world connects, computes and communicates.

We’ve built on our legacy of developing breakthroughs in 5G, Wi-Fi and AI. But that’s just the beginning. We then designed platforms, chipsets, software, tools and services that help OEMs and developers bring those technologies into products and create experiences that change the way we live and work. And, we do this at scale—building technologically advanced, in-demand end products across a range of industries—from automotive to virtual reality, from smart cars to smartphones to smart cities, and everything in between.

Qualcomm products mentioned on this page are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

Qualcomm® Platforms

Our robust platforms bring hardware and software and tools together built to help you commercialize your next great product.

Qualcomm Technologies’ platforms are purpose built for end-use products. So, whether you’re building a mobile phone, a robot or a Wi-Fi router, our platforms help you build your next product and get it to launch efficiently.

This connected, whole-system approach provides our customers with a competitive advantage, both by streamlining the engineering process and enabling development of breakthrough features for differentiated user experiences.

All Qualcomm® Products

We invent foundational technologies that are designed to make your inventions possible. Our product catalog includes processors, modems, RF systems, 5G, 4G and legacy connectivity solutions, and optimized software—everything you need to build premium wireless products and applications.

Qualcomm® Products by Technology


All components of our 5G mobile platforms are designed to work together to deliver high cellular speeds, superior coverage, and outstanding power efficiency in sleek form factors.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine along with our AI software and hardware development tools help developers create and accelerate their AI applications and devices.

Qualcomm® Products by Type


Our portfolio of Bluetooth technologies enables a wide range of low-energy applications, including wearables, smart audio, and smart home products.

Modem-RF systems

Our modem-RF systems, LTE modems and RF products are designed to maximize performance for the 5G era, delivering unprecedented speeds and advanced mobility.


Our processors deliver best-in-class security, AI, and connectivity solutions.


Deliver blazing fast speed and massive capacity with our Wi-Fi 6 and 6E products.

Qualcomm® Products by Application


Deliver high-fidelity audio and crystal-clear acoustics with our smart audio technology.


Create innovative automotive solutions that support the latest industry trends.


Our camera solutions combine powerful image-processing and AI with machine learning.

Industrial & Commercial

Our IoT solutions transform industries with our 4G and 5G computing and connectivity solutions.


Build Always On, Always Connected PCs (ACPCs) laptops that enhance productivity and entertainment.


Keep up with the demand of the connected lifestyle with our premium wireless and wireline solutions.


Build industry-leading smartphones and in-demand apps with incredible connectivity and speeds.

Smart Cities

Our smart city solutions enable intelligent network connectivity and edge processing solutions.

Smart Homes

Develop secure, low-power, end-to-end solutions for a wide range of smart home devices.


Combine style and next-generation functionality, powered by our smart wearables technology.


Deliver a new level of immersive reality with brilliant audio, visuals, and interactive features.

Qualcomm® Product Features

Our unique portfolio of product features—designed for mobile to networking and everything in between—can help you create unparalleled user experiences.

Quick Charge

Experience lightning-fast charging for smartphones and smart devices with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology. Quick Charge delivers charging speeds of up to 4x faster than conventional charging.

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