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Qualcomm Announces New ‘Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program’

The Program enables enterprise solution providers by connecting the ecosystem with Qualcomm Technologies’ transformative technology to help accelerate XR collaboration, innovation and adoption in key business verticals

Sep 17, 2019DALLAS, TX

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Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program
Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program

At the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS), Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced a new initiative called the Qualcomm® XR Enterprise Program. The program brings XR technologies and products based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ XR Platform, together with enterprise solution providers to collaborate, innovate and help drive AR and VR adoption in a range of industries including manufacturing, energy, healthcare, aerospace, education, insurance, retail, transportation and architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). The Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program allows inaugural members – the enterprise solution providers – to be part of a global community that offers access to technical support resources, promotional opportunities, co-marketing, joint planning and business development and matchmaking with other members for the collective goal of accelerating the enterprise XR segment to help increase operational efficiencies, worker satisfaction & safety and impact the bottom line. 

“Qualcomm Technologies views the enterprise as a critical segment for growing the overall XR industry and we are committed to furthering adoption by bringing together the best hardware and software solutions providers to meet the respective demands of a business’ function and use cases,” said Brian Vogelsang, senior director of product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Through the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program initiative and collaborating closely with members, we are excited to be working with companies who are enabling solutions for the end enterprise by optimizing performance, productivity and improving accuracy and safety in areas such as field service, maintenance and repair, inspection, assembly, material handling, remote collaboration, data visualization and training.”  

The Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program is a tailored program for qualified members and falls within our existing ecosystem accelerator initiative: Qualcomm® Advantage Network. The Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program will provide members with Qualcomm Technologies-supported benefits including XR industry insights, connections with end customers, visibility into upcoming Qualcomm Technologies hardware and software product features and the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program badge to display on their website and promotional material to identify themselves as companies who are helping to drive excellence in quality and adoption of XR in the enterprise. Today, the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program has opened a website for interested applicants, more details can be found here:

“XR is transforming the way people experience the world around them, both in the workplace and in their personal lives. Accenture and Qualcomm Technologies have been working together closely in the ideation and development of pilot XR solutions aimed at both the enterprise and consumer industries. We look forward to furthering our collaboration through our participation in the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program,” said Raffaella Camera, Global Head of Innovation & Market Strategy, Accenture Extended Reality.

“AMA is proud of its fruitful collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies to-date and welcomes their new XR Enterprise Program. AMA’s primary customers come from manufacturing and healthcare, both are facing disruptive technology revolutions and challenges. Having Qualcomm Technologies as a lighthouse to navigate this is an invaluable resource to help accelerate XR adoption and support technological evolutions within these verticals,” said Christian Guillemot, CEO and founder, AMA.

“Qualcomm Technologies’ XR Enterprise Program has enabled Arvizio to bring mixed reality solutions to exciting new form factors like XR viewers,” said Jonathan Reeves, CEO, Arvizio. “XR technology is evolving from stationary PC-based workstations to mobile standalone headsets. Qualcomm Technologies’ initiative coupled with the adoption of high-speed wireless and 5G networking technology, helps to enhance the capabilities of our platform.  Our customers in AEC, energy & engineering are keen to embrace these trends to further drive XR technology use cases into their enterprises.”

“Through the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program, we’ve received access to hardware prototypes, technology roadmaps, access to new features like eye-tracking and had the opportunity to showcase our technology to enterprise partners. We’re thrilled to be a member and look forward to more co-marketing opportunities as Cogntive3D’s role continues to expand within the XR enterprise sector,” said Tony Bevilacqua, CEO and founder, Cognitive3D.

John Bishop, president, Librestream said, “The Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program initiative aligns with our vision of the digital worker and how technologies like AR/VR are positively impacting performance. We have seen a 242% growth in usage of our AR platform globally, reflecting how rapidly enterprises are deploying this technology to combat the looming worker shortage problem and increasing complexity of operations and products. We are excited to be an inaugural member of Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program to work together with the broad community within this ecosystem.”

Michell International
"Mitchell is pleased to be an inaugural member of the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program.  Given today’s ever-advancing automobile complexity, repairers are facing more challenges in the repair of a vehicle post collision. Mitchell is using XR technology so repairers can access the most up-to-date vehicle-level information right into the repair process – helping to deliver a proper and safely repaired vehicle back to the consumer,” said Olivier Baudoux, SVP of global product strategy and auto physical damage, Mitchell International.

“The XR Enterprise Program provides enterprise solution providers access to Qualcomm Technologies’ cutting-edge technology along with connecting them to a curated enterprise network. Nibiru will play an active role in the XR Enterprise Program by providing support for XR OS solutions, application scenario software and edge computing based off our rich industrial experiences. We are committed to working together with Qualcomm Technologies to support all XR industry's upstream and downstream enterprises and believe the XR Enterprise Program will help foster collaboration among different XR enterprise providers,” said Tony Chia, VP of global business & marketing, Nibiru.

"We believe a strong ecosystem of mixed reality enterprise solutions providers is important for growing the overall XR industry,” said Chi Xu, CEO, Nreal.  “We are happy that Qualcomm Technologies is investing in the ecosystem with their new XR Enterprise Program, and we look forward to collaborating with program members to deliver full solutions incorporating 5G and mixed reality to our enterprise customers.”

Pico Interactive
“At Pico Interactive we are committed to delivering premium VR headsets and solutions to our enterprise customers globally,” said Ennin Huang, VP of Design, Pico Interactive. “The Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program will facilitate industry collaboration and adoption of this exciting new medium across the diverse enterprise ecosystem.”

“As an OEM customer with Qualcomm Technologies, we’re excited to see their continued efforts to accelerate adoption of enterprise XR by utilizing the ecosystem through its new Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program,” said Andy Lowery, CEO and cofounder, RealWear. “We are in full support of the program and are ready to help scale the enterprise.”

Scope AR
“It is clear that the enterprise XR segment has arrived and industrial organizations stand to gain tremendous benefits from the use of AR/VR,” said Scott Montgomerie, CEO and cofounder, Scope AR. “As pioneers in the space, we are excited to be a part of the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program to further accelerate the adoption of immersive technologies and ensure enterprises have the best XR ecosystem available for implementing cutting-edge applications.”

“As a member of the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program, we look forward to working with Qualcomm Technologies and its network of ecosystem players to further accelerate the innovation and adoption of XR in the enterprise,” said Derek Belch, CEO, Strivr. “We are seeing the impact that VR-based immersive learning is having today and are excited to bring the voice of the customer to the XR Enterprise Program as we look to collaborate in driving the roadmap of enterprise XR.”  

“The strong relationship between Qualcomm Technologies and Ubimax has a common goal: to empower frontline workers through mobile computing. The Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program takes this goal to the next level by helping to innovate and shape the future of the enterprise industry,” said Dr. Hendrik Witt, CEO and cofounder, Ubimax.

“As a leading provider of AR software for the industrial workforce, Upskill is proud to be a member of the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program. Qualcomm Technologies’ established leadership in XR continues to elevate the ecosystem and the benefits that come with being an XR Enterprise Program member help Upskill stay ahead of the curve and deliver on our best-in-class customer value,” said Brian Ballard, CEO and cofounder, Upskill. 

"Qualcomm Technologies continues to be a leader in the XR industry and XRHealth is excited be a part of another proof point: the Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program. XRHealth’s platform aims to transform healthcare by combining medical applications with advanced data analytics, providing a comprehensive solution for clinicians and patients. With Qualcomm Technologies’ XR technology paired with our solution, we hope to help patients around the world experience the tremendous benefits that XR technologies can provide,” said Eran Orr, CEO, XRHealth.

“Having VictoryXR join Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program has already proven to be extremely beneficial by delivering meaningful introductions and relationships that have fast-tracked our success – as a startup, this makes all the difference. VictoryXR has been recognized as a leading creator in AR/VR content for the education industry and with the XR Enterprise Program, we look forward to making our content more scalable and accessible to the end enterprise,” said Steve Grubbs, CEO, VictoryXR.

“The Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program not only brings together application partners in the enterprise to accelerate adoption, but also opens up new business opportunities for hardware and software solutions alike,” said Paul Travers, CEO and president, Vuzix. “Qualcomm Technologies has been a great collaborator to Vuzix, and we look forward to expanding our relationship to support the burgeoning AR smart glasses industry with an initiative like XR Enterprise Program.”

“The Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program will help usher in the next generation of enterprise software applications and hardware-light XR. At EWTS, the ZeroLight, Cadillac and Qualcomm Technologies boundless XR showcase demonstrates an incredible step towards the migration of XR solutions into the edge cloud. ZeroLight has already experienced XEP acting as a key enabler to combine our cloud-streaming platform with Qualcomm Technologies’ cutting-edge technology, and we look forward to more ways to offer our award-winning XR solutions to the broader enterprise ecosystem,” said Barry Hoffman, chief strategy officer, ZeroLight.

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