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Qualcomm and Preh Sign Commercial Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging License Agreement

Nov 8, 2016SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) and Preh, GmbH, part of the Joyson Electronics Group (SSE: 600699), today announced that they have entered into a Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) license agreement. Preh will include Qualcomm Halo™ WEVC technology in its product portfolio and will focus on commercializing WEVC systems for Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) and Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers. Based on the agreement, Preh intends to develop, make and supply WEVC systems based on Qualcomm Halo technology.

A pioneer in e-mobility, and specialist in automotive power electronics and connected vehicles, Preh is currently developing automotive WEVC systems based on Double D magnetics, which deliver high power, superior performance in an industry-leading small vehicle package size, supported by Qualcomm’s comprehensive technical support. The company is in discussions with a number of global automotive manufacturers concerning advanced WEVC programs.

“The inclusion of Qualcomm Halo WEVC technology in our product portfolio is a key development to enhance our e-mobility offering,” said Michael Bischoff, executive director, Preh. “We have strong relationships with all the major global automotive manufacturers and are excited to commercialize higher power WEVC solutions for our customers, with the ultimate aim to enhance the EV driver experience.”

“As a leading global supplier to the automotive industry, Preh represents a great fit for Qualcomm, expanding our automotive supplier network and becoming a contributor to the dissemination of this exciting new technology,” said Steve Pazol, vice president and general manager, wireless charging, Qualcomm Incorporated. “Qualcomm Halo technology covers all aspects of WEVC systems, allowing Preh to deliver highly efficient, safe and flexible systems to meet the market needs.”

Qualcomm is providing Preh with a comprehensive technology transfer package, aimed to enhance their ability to develop commercially and technically viable WEVC systems, as well as to support the future design of improved high-power WEVC systems based upon advanced magnetics.

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About Preh

Preh is a subsidiary of the Joyson Group, Ningbo, China, founded in 2004 by Jeff Wang. As a global automotive supplier and automation specialist, the Preh Group currently employs a staff of app. 6,300. In 2015, the company had total sales of EUR 763 million with a staff of app. 4,900 and could thereby continue its dynamic expansion with double-digit growth rates. Preh was founded in 1919 in Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale (Germany) and has belonged to the Joyson Group since 2011. The development and manufacturing competencies of Preh GmbH focus on HMI systems for cars and commerical vehicles, E-mobility control units as well as assembly and automation systems. In addition, Preh Car Connect GmbH which was acquired in 2016 (previously TechniSat Automotive) is active in the markets for infotainment, connectivity and telematics. For more information, please visit:

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