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Qualcomm Announces NTT DOCOMO as First Operator to Adopt New Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID Biometrics Platform

–New Technology Supports Improved Mobile Payment and Content Experiences for End-Users–

May 25, 2015SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), today announced that NTT DOCOMO INC. (DOCOMO), is the first operator to adopt and implement the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Sense™ ID biometrics platform. The platform, which is currently supported in the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 processor, is being utilized alongside third-party biometric sensors for DOCOMO’s mobile biometric authentication service starting on May 27, 2015 in Japan. The DOCOMO service including “docomo ID login authentication and carrier billing payment” will help provide DOCOMO customers with improved and enhanced security, as well as ease of authentication when making mobile payments and accessing DOCOMO’s content and services. With the Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics platform, DOCOMO has provided customers with a solution that is designed to address the inherent limitations of passwords and pin codes. The unique advantages and benefits of the Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics platform have led DOCOMO to deploy this service across their entire network.

DOCOMO is expected to launch the DOCOMO online authentication service with smartphones from Sharp and Fujitsu utilizing the Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics platform on May 28, 2015 and plans to expand its biometric authentication offering to additional high-end devices in the winter. It is anticipated that many Android devices launching on the DOCOMO network with services, including “docomo ID login authentication and carrier billing payment,” will utilize the Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics platform.

“We are pleased with DOCOMO’s recent launch of authentication services based on the Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics platform in order to offer its consumers an improved authentication and mobile payment experience on their mobile devices,” said Raj Talluri, senior vice president, product management, QTI. “Users want more effective and convenient ways to access their mobile devices and services with easier yet stronger authentication, and QTI is setting the standard when it comes to innovative solutions that directly address those concerns.”

“DOCOMO is excited to be the first operator to offer its consumers a new and differentiated way to authenticate to their mobile devices,” said Seiji Maruyama, senior vice president and managing director of product department, NTT DOCOMO, INC. “By collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies on the deployment of the Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics platform, our customers can now unlock their phones without having to key in a pincode, and can make mobile payments with a quick glance.”

The Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics platform consists of QTI’s secure authentication framework and QTI’s certified implementation of the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) protocol. The authentication framework provides secure processing and storage of biometric data, whereas QTI’s UAF implementation provides secure authentication and connection among FIDO-enabled devices and services. This platform is managed by Qualcomm® SecureMSM™ technology, which is the security foundation for devices powered by Snapdragon processors, providing a high level of security and robustness while achieving a balance of high performance and optimal power efficiency. The Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics platform supports the ultimate in convenient mobile authentication and biometrics.

The Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics platform is part of a comprehensive end-to-end authentication and security solution with the option to further improve authentication simplicity using Qualcomm® Snapdragon Sense™ ID 3D fingerprint sensor technology, designed to allow OEMs to easily integrate QTI’s leading ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology and algorithms into their smartphone designs, enabling enhanced authentication capabilities, usability and integration over legacy capacitive touch-based fingerprint technologies. Snapdragon Sense ID 3D fingerprint technology is an innovative approach to authentication that creates and verifies a detailed 3D image of a user's fingerprint using ultrasonic sound technology to confirm user identify with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

The Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics platform offers enhanced authentication capabilities and usability over existing commercial methods of authentication by providing password-less authentication, enhanced security of biometric data and data processing, improved interoperability among FIDO-enabled devices, and addressing the challenge of creating and remembering multiple pin-codes and passwords. The Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics platform benefits operators and manufacturers by offering superior enhanced security, biometric usability and the most flexible integration options for their customers. These benefits result in faster development time, decreased costs of development, higher quality devices, valuable differentiation and increased demand from end-users. 

End users and consumers benefit from the technology’s ease of use, and from reduced reliance on passwords, and pin numbers. They also benefit from improved security and privacy, as well as the ability to easily interface with DOCOMO services along with “docomo ID login authentication and carrier billing payment,” as well as existing and future FIDO-enabled devices and services.


NTT DOCOMO provides innovative, convenient and secure mobile services that enable smarter living for each customer. The company serves over 65 million mobile customers in Japan via advanced wireless networks, including a nationwide 3G network and one of the world's first commercial LTE networks. Leveraging its unique capabilities as a mobile operator, DOCOMO is a leading developer of cutting-edge technologies for NFC mobile payments, mobile GPS, mobile TV, intuitive mobile assistance, environmental monitoring, smart grids and much more. Overseas, the company provides technical and operational expertise to eight mobile operators and other partner companies. NTT DOCOMO is listed on the Tokyo (9437) and New York (DCM) stock exchanges. Please visit for more information.

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