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Qualcomm Announces Commercial Availability of Driver Telematics Application

Beta Customer Arniella S.A. Reports Improved Monitoring and Management of Subcontractors¬

Aug 13, 2012WAALRE, The Netherlands

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Qualcomm Enterprise Services Europe BV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) and a leading provider of business-to-business wireless enterprise applications in Europe, today announced the upcoming availability of the Driver Telematics Application. The Driver Telematics App provides fleet owners with a simple, cost-effective, real-time solution to manage and monitor their subcontractors. The app will be available through Google Play (Android Market) this summer and can be installed on an Android smartphone.

The Driver Telematics App gives transportation companies real-time data on the progress of each trip, including location, load information and status and workflow, which can be seamlessly integrated into the company’s back-office system. With the free-form messaging option, subcontractors can immediately inform transport companies of any changes to the transport job in order to quickly keep their customers abreast of changes to the estimated time of arrival. The app also offers advantages when a company’s own fleet vehicles do not have on-board telematics equipment installed but occasionally need access to a telematics application.

Arniella S.A., a pan-European chemicals transport and logistics company, and its drivers, were critical to successful beta testing of the Driver Telematics App. Based in Santander, Spain, Arniella has been a Qualcomm customer since early 2012. Since the fleet outsources part of its transport activities, the ability to access real-time information on the progress of subcontractors’ trips is a key success factor.

“With Qualcomm’s Driver Telematics App we are better able to manage and monitor our subcontracted transport,” said Juan Fernández, director of purchasing and maintenance for Arniella S.A. “The app allows us to integrate all the relevant management information into our back-office, including workflow related data sent to our drivers and tracking and tracing information for the load. And communication with our subcontractors’ drivers has never been so easy.”

The Driver Telematics App can help fleets improve back-office performance in several key ways by enabling fleet owners to:
o monitor subcontractors and access real-time information on journeys and associated loads, which can simplify real-time decision-making and eliminate dependence on outdated information or missing subcontractor input;
o validate invoice details, perform detailed evaluations of subcontractor performance and monitor compliance with service level agreements;
o manage assets, including subcontractors’ vehicles, through a single user interface: Qualcomm’s Web-based FleetVisor™ portal; and
o improve communication with customers by proactively providing updates and responding to questions on load status.

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At Qualcomm Enterprise Services Europe, we enable more effective fleet management by providing real-time business insights for transport and logistics companies of all sizes. We give fleet operators reliable integrated control of their entire operations, so they can make the most productive use of their human and vehicle assets to run profitable businesses. We set the industry standard for modular and compatible systems that are reliable, simple to operate and affordable. We ensure accuracy and reliability by using proven on-board telematics technology linked to an easy-to-interpret and secure on-line information portal. And, we add value through partnering with major OEMs and transport companies in pursuit of the best solutions, whether off-the-shelf or tailor-made. In a market where competitiveness is crucial, Qualcomm enables safe, sustainable and cost-effective transport and logistics. For more information, please visit Qualcomm Enterprise Services Europe website, The Road Ahead Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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