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Qualcomm Augments Critical Event Reporting Application with Takata’s SafeTrak Lane Departure Warning System

Sophisticated Machine Vision On-Board Sensor Software Prevents Costly Accidents, Enhancing Safety and Improving Driver Performance

Jun 5, 2012SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), a leading provider of integrated wireless systems, applications and services to transportation and logistics companies, today announced at its Vision 2012 Management Conference the integration of on-board sensors from Takata to its Critical Event Reporting (CER) application. Further augmenting Qualcomm’s industry-leading portfolio of safety solutions, Takata’s SafeTrak Lane Departure Warning System provides fleets with an added layer of safety by alerting distracted or fatigued drivers of an unintended lane departure, which can help improve driver performance, prevent costly accidents and refine driver training. This event trigger from Takata is available immediately to new and existing Qualcomm MCP customers.


“With all of the distractions on the road today, drivers can benefit from automated, intuitive systems that help them improve safety,” said Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “By integrating Takata’s technology with our Critical Event Reporting application, we are delivering on a very real need — to bring added peace of mind to our fleet customers who are committed to preventative safety measures.”

Augmenting the value of Qualcomm’s CER application, Takata’s SafeTrak Lane Departure Warning System combines a small video camera and sophisticated machine vision software to view the road ahead, warning drivers if they unintentionally leave their lanes or if their driving becomes erratic. This enhancement extends beyond the vehicle cab to the back office, where carriers can access a consolidated view of driver performance data from different third-party sensors and other CER-related information, including hours of service. Displayed via an intuitive user interface within the CER application, the factual data is aggregated and captures real-time event information to help fleet and safety managers tailor training based on a driver’s performance and specific needs.


Mathias Bahnmueller, head  of Takata’s North American business unit, commented, “Our offering with Qualcomm’s CER application puts an extra set of eyes on the road to positively impact what could otherwise be disruptive events to fleet operations and driver safety. By leveraging the most sophisticated software available today, we can monitor driver behavior within the lanes via the SafeTraK’s Driver Alertness Feature, which is unique in the marketplace, plus immediately notify a driver who departs a lane via SafeTraK’s Lane Departure feature.  These features alert fleets in real-time of what’s happening on the ground. Not only does this help to prevent accidents, but it enables fleets to monitor unsafe driver behavior and proactively provide safety training for drivers in need.”


The newest third-party event trigger from Takata complements existing third-party application integration with Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Following Time Violation (FTV) and roll stability triggers. For more information, visit Qualcomm’s CER application.


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