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Keynotes, Agenda Set for Uplinq 2012 Conference

Cross-Platform Mobile Developers Conference to Provide Wide Range of Opportunities for Technical and Business Engagements

May 30, 2012SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced the keynotes and agenda for the Uplinq 2012 mobile developers conference. Uplinq 2012 programming is designed to provide software developers a cross-platform view of how to exploit the complete hardware-software systems in today’s leading mobile devices, while fostering the business connections essential to making money in mobile.

The conference will be held June 27-28, 2012 – with a pre-conference Mobile CodeFest & Hackathon on June 26 for hardcore coders – at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel and will cover the Android, Windows® Phone, Windows 8, HTML5 and Brew® platforms. The Day 1 general session on June 27 will be opened with a keynote by Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, chairman and CEO of Qualcomm, followed by a keynote presentation by Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box. Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, will open the Day 2 general session with his keynote presentation, and John Hering, co-founder and CEO of Lookout will give Uplinq’s closing keynote. Each afternoon of the conference begins with a super session, designed to drill down on a key software development topic.


Super session topics this year are:

  • How Do Developers Take Control of Their Destinies in a Cross-Platform World?, a fireside chat between Rob Chandhok, senior vice president of software strategy for Qualcomm and president of Qualcomm Internet Services, and Ben Wood, director of research for CCS Insight
  • Snapdragon Processors Powering the Next Million-Dollar App, presented by Raj Talluri, senior vice president of product management for Qualcomm

Uplinq 2012 breakout sessions will cover such topics as:

  • Growing the Ecosystem: The Future of HTML5 Web Apps
  • Designing Graphics & Gaming Apps Across the Snapdragon S-Class Tiers 
  • MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) LTE Gaming
  • Developing Connected, Proximity-Aware Apps with AllJoyn
  • Drive Consumer Engagement with Vuforia 
  • Premium, Freemium, Bundles & More: The Evolution of Brew App Business Models
  • Harness the Rise of the Machines: FastCV, Accelerating Mobile Computer Vision
  • Trends in Technology & Digital Content in Education: An Untapped Market
  • The Windows 8 Platform for Metro Style Apps
  • Diving Into the Windows Phone Market: Should I Make the Jump?
  • Nokia’s Inside Track for Developers to Leverage Its Devices, Reach & Relationships
  • Tapping into the Next Generation of Location-Based Applications
  • Accelerating your Android Application with Renderscript and LLVM

On June 26, the day before Uplinq opens, Qualcomm is hosting the Mobile CodeFest & Hackathon. Sponsored by QDevNet, Qualcomm’s developer network, the codefest and hackathon, which will include device giveaways, provide coders hands-on, deep-dive training on how to exploit leading mobile technologies to create extraordinary user experiences. The hackathon will culminate with a lightning round of presentations, with judging and awards totaling more than $50,000 immediately to follow.

The registration price for Uplinq 2012 is US$375. The price includes registration for the pre-conference Mobile CodeFest and Hackathon (limited to 300 coders).

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