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C. R. England and Averitt Express Expand Adoption of FleetRisk Advisors’ Predictive Analytics and Remediation Services

Leading Truckload Carriers Report Key Improvements in Fleet Safety, Performance and Profitability

Apr 11, 2012MEMPHIS, Tenn.

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FleetRisk Advisors, a strategic business unit of Qualcomm Enterprise Services, today announced that C. R. England and Averitt Express have expanded their adoption of FleetRisk Advisors’ predictive analytics platform with additional models that address driver retention, recruitment and workers’ compensation. Longtime customers, these leading truckload carriers have experienced first-hand the significant benefits of FleetRisk Advisors’ predictive modeling and remediation solutions, reporting dramatic improvements in safety, performance and profitability, such as:

• an 18 percent reduction in C.R. England’s workers’ compensation claims after using FleetRisk Advisors’ workers’ compensation model for only nine months
• a 30 percent reduction in accident rates for Averitt Express drivers as a result of FleetRisk Advisors’ fleet safety and driver fatigue models

A pioneer in applying predictive analytics to the transportation industry, FleetRisk Advisor helps companies identify the root causes of likely events, such as accidents, driver fatigue and employee turnover, up to 28 days before they occur and recommends the necessary remediation steps to help the fleet prevent these events. These predictive analytics yield a number of important benefits, including: reduced accident occurrences, better driver performance, fewer workers’ compensation claims, increased retention and, overall, a more profitable organization.

C. R. England
C. R. England, Inc., a leading refrigerated freight transportation company in Salt Lake City, began using FleetRisk Advisors’ predictive models for fleet safety and driver fatigue in 2008 and added the workers’ compensation model in 2011. As a result, the company reported a 39 percent reduction in accident rates and an 18 percent decrease in workers’ compensation claims. On the heels of this achievement, C. R. England recently expanded its FleetRisk Advisor models to augment corresponding driver retention and recruitment efforts.

“FleetRisk Advisors allows us to improve driver safety and performance across our company, reducing the number of preventable accidents while improving the bottom line,” said Thom Pronk, corporate vice president of safety, training and recruiting for C. R. England. “We’re broadening our utilization of FleetRisk Advisors’ predictive models to address the critical areas of driver retention and recruitment, both of which pose unique challenges to our industry. Following an initial three-month pilot program, our company has already experienced an 18 percent reduction in driver churn.”

Averitt Express
Averitt Express, a leading provider of freight transportation and supply chain management, and FleetRisk Advisor customer since 2009, utilizes the company’s safety and driver fatigue models across its truckload fleet. To date, the company has reported a 30 percent reduction in driver accidents per million miles. Based on this success, the company is now expanding its use of FleetRisk Advisors’ safety model into the supply chain fleet and also will deploy predictive models to address workers’ compensation.

“FleetRisk Advisors’ solutions have taken our safety program to new levels. Now, we’re focused on improving our operating ratio by identifying and taking preventative actions to minimize workers’ compensation claims, which are otherwise disruptive to our customer service and business operations,” said Scott Wolf, vice president of corporate services, Averitt Express. “Our results with FleetRisk Advisors’ technology to date have been remarkable.”

2012 FleetRisk Advisors User Group Meeting
The announcement of C. R. England’s and Averitt Express’ increased adoption of FleetRisk Advisors’ predictive models coincides with the 2012 annual user group meeting, taking place April 10-11, in Memphis, Tenn. The event offers fleet industry executives insight into the latest technology, issues and trends surrounding predictive analytics in transportation.

About FleetRisk Advisors
FleetRisk Advisors, a strategic business unit of Qualcomm Enterprise Services, offers a comprehensive, cloud-based predictive analytics and remediation solution for transportation companies. This predictive analytics platform examines and aggregates thousands of data points across an organization to identify the root causes of likely events before they occur, helping companies anticipate and control future events from taking place, such as driver accidents, employee turnover and workers’ compensation claims. Its product suite includes predictive modeling solutions for driver fatigue, fleet safety, workers’ compensation, recruiting and retention. For additional information about FleetRisk Advisors and its product suite, please visit the company’s website.

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