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• The Vodafone Buzz app, based on Qualcomm iSkoot Inc.’s social client, makes it simpler and faster to access Facebook®, Twitter® and Spain's best news RSS • The Vodafone Buzz app is optimized to reduce network impact of media-rich services

Jan 16, 2012MADRID

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Vodafone Spain and Qualcomm iSkoot, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), today announced the launch of Vodafone Buzz, an application based on Qualcomm iSkoot, Inc.’s social client and managed Web service platform that lets Android-based handsets and smartphones access major social networks and RSS's from a single screen.

Users get easy access to their favourite social network updates and can customize their news, sports and entertainment services. The application lets users know their friends' status and interact with them; post photos and send messages easily; and enjoy a richer communication experience thanks to the iSkoot social client, which offers network-efficient, all-in-one access to the social media and news services customers count on to stay informed and in touch.

Vodafone Buzz is now available for Android-based handsets and smartphones and will be available on other platforms.

Iñaki Cabrera, Head of Services and Innovation at Vodafone Spain, said: "Many smartphone users are overwhelmed by the proliferation of apps available for their phones and are concerned about how the applications can affect their data invoice. Vodafone simplifies this choice through a selection of the apps that perform best, both in terms of functionality and how they communicate with our network. After conducting extensive research and comparisons, we are pleased to announce we have chosen the social networks application Vodafone Buzz, based on the iSkoot social client, to bring together all social content and the fact that we will offer this application for free for all our smartphone users.”

Colm Healy, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Internet Services Europe, says: "We are honoured that Vodafone Spain has chosen the iSkoot social client for its applications package. For us it represents a great recognition of both the talent that iSkoot invested in designing the application and the depth of the technology that has been created to support this solution. We firmly believe that as the smartphone market matures, data efficiency will become a key criterion for consumers, operators and equipment manufacturers when choosing mobile applications. We know that technologies such as the iSkoot social client and managed Web service platform can play a key role in shaping this trend in the future.”

Vodafone Spain
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