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Forward Air’s 850-Truck Owner-Operator Fleet Adopts Qualcomm’s Hours of Service

Fleet Improves CSA BASIC Scores for Driver Fatigue

Jul 11, 2011SAN DIEGO and Greeneville, TN

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), a leading provider of integrated wireless systems, applications and services to transportation and logistics companies, and Forward Air Corporation (NASDAQ:FWRD), today announced that its FAF, Inc. 850-truck owner-operator fleet has adopted Qualcomm’s Hours of Service (QHOS) electronic on-board recording (EOBR) application for electronic driver logs. Forward Air has reported a 16 percent improvement in their BASIC Driver Fatigue score since their transition to electronic logs.

A Qualcomm customer for 18 years, Forward Air provides time-definite ground transportation and related logistics services to the air cargo and expedited LTL industry through a network of terminals located on or near major airports in 84 cities in the United States and Canada. The company’s fleet is made up almost entirely of owner-operators.

“With Qualcomm’s Mobile Computing Platform 110 equipped with the Hours of Service feature, we fully expect driver fatigue scores to improve further over the next six months,” said Loretta Miller, vice president of safety for Forward Air. “We have increased our administrative and operational efficiencies, gone green by eliminating paper and assured that our drivers are complying with FMCSA regulations on driving hours. We are especially pleased with our independent contractor’s understanding and acceptance of this transition. Our drivers have found the process eliminates form and manual errors and provides them quick information on their available hours, allowing them to plan their trips more accurately and have audible warning notices when reaching their hours of service limit.”

“Forward Air has embraced Hours of Service and rolled it out fleet-wide to all of its owner- operators, a segment of the market that has been slower to adopt EOBRs, which further illustrates Forward Air’s industry-leading commitment to safety,” said Tom Flies, senior director of product management for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “Their experience can serve as an example to other fleets of how QHOS not only helps improve safety and regulatory compliance, but also delivers measurable return on investment in just a short period of time.”

QHOS is fully compliant with the hours-of-service rules and regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and is available for use with the Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform 100, 110 and 200 (MCP100, MCP110 and MCP200). The application is designed to help fleets maintain regulatory compliance, improve safety and reduce potential inaccuracies and the risk of violations associated with manual logs.

In 2008, in anticipation of possible federal mandates, Forward Air began converting the on-board technology of its fleet from Qualcomm’s pioneering OmniTRACS® mobile information system to Qualcomm’s MCP110, which is specifically engineered to optimize transportation company operations. With the adoption of QHOS on the MCP110, Forward Air took a proactive approach to implementing technology to help improve safety and compliance.

“I never have to worry about my fuel stops matching my driver logs, forgetting to list my manifest or forgetting to turn in logs,” said Mike Rafferty, owner-operator with Forward Air for 11 years. “It accurately reports information, eliminating mistakes and monthly log audit result letters from the Safety Department. It’s so simple – I go to my truck, conduct my pre trip and then get on the road.”

About Forward Air Corporation
Forward Air Corporation operates two business segments, Forward Air, Inc. and Forward Air Solutions, Inc.

Forward Air, Inc. is a high-service-level contractor to the air cargo industry providing time-definite ground transportation services through a network of terminals located on or near major airports in 84 cities in the United States and Canada. It provides these services as a cost-effective alternative to air transportation of cargo that must be delivered at a specific time, but is relatively less time-sensitive than traditional air freight or when air transportation is not economical.

Forward Air Solutions, Inc. is a provider of pool distribution services. Pool distribution involves the consolidation and shipment of several smaller less-than-truckload shipments to a common area or region. Once at the regional destination, the loads are deconsolidated, then grouped with other shipments with common delivery points and delivered in a very precise, time-sensitive manner. The pool distribution network consists of terminals and service locations in 19 cities within the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest and Southwestern United States.

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