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Qualcomm Forms Incubation Lab to Launch Next-generation Mobile Services and Applications

Qualcomm Services Labs Introduces First Four Mobile Services

Aug 24, 2010SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today unveiled Qualcomm Services Labs, Inc. (QSL), a wholly owned subsidiary created to develop and introduce new services and applications that tap into the advantages of mobile technology. Designed to operate as an incubator, the company will explore new ideas, technologies and service models that can have an immediate impact in the marketplace, as well as drive the adoption of Qualcomm’s technologies.

QSL and its products will focus on mobile innovation by developing services and applications in five main areas native to the mobile experience:
• Communication (keeping you connected in new ways)
• Information/Entertainment (delivering meaningful, captivating content)
• Discovery (personalized and context-aware recommendations)
• Life automation (using digital information to simplify your life and relieve daily hassles)
• Digital to physical (access to relevant digital information to enhance your mobile interactions)

“Powerful new mobile devices and high-speed networks today make it possible to introduce entirely new categories of mobile services, and to give consumers new capabilities that enrich their lives,” said Isaac Babbs, general manager of QSL. “As an incubator, QSL is structured to help fast-track these new capabilities. We are focused on developing innovative new mobile applications and service models and getting them to market quickly.”

QSL serves as an incubator for innovative ideas to advance the wireless market. As the QSL mobile services and applications mature, QSL will determine whether these products will be transferred to a new or existing Qualcomm division or if they will be established as a separate business entity. QSL, along with Qualcomm Ventures, is part of Qualcomm’s overall new business creation program to grow the wireless ecosystem.

QSL recently launched its first four services:

• A geo-fence based location sharing service designed to automate and simplify your everyday life. Neer solves communication and coordination problems by sharing your location with your “inner circle.”
• Neer allows you to privately and automatically share your location with your closest friends and family; not everywhere you go, just the places that really matter.
• Define your preferred locations (home, work, etc.), and Neer will let the people you care about know where you are.
• Available today on the Android Market, and coming soon to Brew MP and Apple’s App Store.

• Introducing a concept called peer-to-place communication, Qilroy is a social-messaging service that enables location-based conversations to take place anywhere in the world.
• Connecting people to places, Qilroy users can instantly find people around them or at any interesting place in the world and then chat, post questions, share thoughts, reply to people or just get the vibe of an area.
• Available today on Apple’s App Store and coming soon to Brew MP and Android Market.

• Tapioca’s Magic Link™ is an intelligent URL shortening service that allows content providers to share multimedia (video, Web/WAP) across device types (smartphones, feature phones, PC, smartbooks).
• Magic Link is specifically geared for viral multimedia distribution across social networks.
• Available today.

• Vive is a free, friends-based social recommendation service that allows users to share recommendations, ratings, purchases and other activities with friends and other users in the Vive community.
• Vive is designed to pull communities together around recommendations across wireless or wired networks and platforms.
• Vive gives users the freedom to recommend any content, organizes the content for quick access, translates content across platforms when needed and rewards active and influential users.
• Available today on Facebook, and coming soon to Brew MP and Apple’s App Store.


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