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Qualcomm’s Brew Mobile Platform Continues to Gain Momentum

Brew MP Ecosystem Sees Continued Proliferation of Devices, New Network Operators and Growing Participation in Qualcomm’s 3Pre Software Pre-Load Program

Mar 23, 2010LAS VEGAS

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of wireless technologies, products and services, today announced that its Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP™) continues to gain momentum among a growing community of publishers, developers, operators and device manufacturers. Qualcomm has been working with software providers to pre-integrate and optimize key software components into the Brew MP operating system, shortening device manufacturers’ time to market and lowering their development costs.

“Qualcomm is working more closely than ever before with an exceptionally vibrant community of innovative publishers and developers as Brew MP continues to gain traction in the industry as a flexible and powerful mobile operating system,” said Jason Kenagy, vice president of product marketing for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. “We look forward to many more devices and applications reaching the market and bringing consumers the compelling, personalized mobile experience for which Brew is known.”

Under Qualcomm’s 3Pre program, the Company is working with key software providers to optimize, pre-integrate and distribute key software components with the Brew MP operating system, allowing developers to distribute their applications prior to the launch of new handsets in order to reduce development time and cost. The 3Pre program offers applications from multiple software companies for multiple application categories, including browsers, messaging, navigation and others. Developers now taking advantage of the 3Pre program include Aplix, ArcSoft, Bitstream, Comviva, iSkoot and Scanbuy.

“We are excited about the fast growing Brew MP ecosystem and JBlend’s seamless integration with the platform,” said Arron Fang, executive vice president for Aplix Corp. “The combination of JBlend and Brew MP is an important cornerstone for application innovation, which facilitates flexibility for developers and also bridges the platform to a wide range of established, industry standard JSR (Java Specification Requests) API resources for future extensibility. With Brew MP’s solid architecture, JBlend has realized powerful multi-tasking Java environment on the platform.”

“ArcSoft is pleased to collaborate with Qualcomm to bring its PowerMobia® solution to the Brew Mobile Platform,” said David Cao, global vice president and general manager for the Mobile and Embedded Group, ArcSoft. “By participating in Qualcomm’s 3Pre program in advance, we will save OEMs tremendous time and effort by deploying the latest PowerMobia Camera, Gallery and Editor products on their devices. Along with Qualcomm’s cutting-edge wireless products, we are answering our customers’ demand for more multimedia capabilities in an even shorter time to market.”

“Qualcomm understands that in this new era of mobile apps, a diversity of high-quality applications drives adoption and sales,” said Anna Magliocco-Chagnon, president and chief executive officer for Bitstream, Inc. “Some of the largest mobile operators in the world favor handsets utilizing Brew. By pre-integrating our mobile technologies onto Brew MP through Qualcomm’s 3Pre program, we are able to work with device manufacturers and mobile operators to speed the availability of leading edge mobile technologies to consumers the world over.”

“Comviva is committed to developing flexible and customizable mobile solutions that enable our customers and partners to offer innovative applications and services,” said Manoranjan Mohapatra, chief executive officer for Comviva. “Collaborating closely with Qualcomm, we are able to provide a ready-to-market application suite for the Brew Mobile Platform and are well placed to support the increasing demand for feature-rich applications on 3G networks.”

“Brew MP has been instrumental in helping us connect Internet-based social media to a wide range of mass-market handsets,” said Mark Jacobstein, chief executive officer for iSkoot, Inc. “It enables the kind of streamlined development and seamless integration that can make nearly any phone a smarter handset – and that’s one of iSkoot’s core values. Brew MP just plain works. When you are developing commercially for the number of devices out there today, that kind of flexibility and power is huge.”

“Our ScanLife mobile barcode application is being activated around the world,” said Jonathan Bulkeley, chief executive officer for Scanbuy, Inc. “Brew MP presents a perfect solution to more quickly and easily facilitate that process for our partners.”

Brew Mobile Platform is a mass-market mobile operating system platform that delivers smartphone functionality across virtually all tiers of devices. The operating system enables advanced capabilities such as touchscreen, rich multimedia, window management, open platform extensibility and expanded support for native application development. 

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