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New Firethorn Mobile Banking Experience Lets U.S. Consumers Access Accounts from More than 3,700 Financial Institutions Using a Single Application Website Enables More Consumers to Benefit from On-the-go Financial Services

Mar 1, 2010ATLANTA

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Firethorn Holdings, LLC, a Qualcomm company (Nasdaq: QCOM), has expanded its mobile banking solution to allow consumers to now manage their checking, savings and credit card accounts with more than 3,700 U.S. financial institutions using a single mobile application. Consumers can now go to to download the updated Mobile Banking application directly to their mobile devices and enroll their accounts with these newly added financial institutions. The application is available on a variety of smartphones and feature handsets offered by wireless operators working with Firethorn.

“Until recently, users of Firethorn’s Mobile Banking solution could only access their accounts if their financial institution was an integrated Firethorn provider,” said Ben Ackerman, vice president of product strategy at Firethorn. “Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive, relevant and secure mobile banking experience to all consumers, which is why we are delivering this new solution.”

One of the Mobile Banking application’s newest features gives users the ability to securely access their enrolled financial accounts from more than 3,700 financial institutions using a single login PIN number on their mobile device, in addition to the secure access they previously had to financial institutions working with Firethorn. Once logged in, consumers can check their financial account balances, see their latest transactions, and track if payments have cleared. Financial institutions providing integrated Firethorn services may offer additional transactional capabilities, such as bill pay and funds transfer, as well as the ability to receive and view rewards and offers. A full list of providers is available at

“Firethorn conducted extensive research to better understand consumers’ lifestyles, needs and behaviors,” continued Ackerman. “In response, we have expanded our Mobile Banking offering so that consumers can access critical account information at more banking institutions, enabling them to make well informed financial and purchase decisions while on the go.”

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Firethorn Holdings, LLC, is providing an important link in the mobile commerce ecosystem. With its expertise in the mobile domain, Firethorn is creating an exciting mobile revenue channel that will bridge relationships among consumers, retailers, wireless operators and financial institutions. Firethorn’s innovative technology creates easily accessible, branded and personalized mobile commerce channels that give consumers access to their accounts, offers and transactions while on the go. For more information about Firethorn, visit

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