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Qualcomm Streamlining Development of New Generation of Brew Mobile Platform Phones to Market through Collaboration with Leading Mobile Software Technology Providers

Unique Approach Lowers Development Costs and Allows OEMs and Operators to Deploy New Services More Rapidly

Nov 12, 2009SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies, products and services, today announced that it is working with key mobile software providers to optimize their solutions for the Company's next-generation Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP) operating system, streamlining the process of commercializing new devices that offer a wide range of compelling software applications. These key software components - such as Java™ virtual machines, device management, browsers, multimedia, instant messaging and calendar applications - will be pre-integrated with Brew MP so that developers can distribute applications to mobile device manufacturers prior to market launch of new handsets in an effort to reduce their development time and cost. The first Brew MP handsets are expected to launch beginning next year.

“Qualcomm is working closely with key software technology providers in advance of commercial launches to optimize their solutions for devices running Brew Mobile Platform,” said Jason Kenagy, vice president of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. “This effort includes optimization of target devices and pre-distribution of these products to device makers. Through this collaborative effort, Qualcomm and its software providers will help device makers achieve faster time-to-market and ease of development.”

The joint effort announced today covers core mobile software applications and technology, ranging from custom browsers and Java programming support to solutions for mobile social networking, email and messaging, graphics engines, multimedia, standards-based device management, location-based services and font management.

Previously, pre-loaded applications and components were developed on Brew handsets, but this further development addresses the ongoing challenge of fragmentation that developers face in developing applications for high-volume handsets. It enables developers to write for a single platform - across multiple models and from multiple manufacturers - and it provides significant benefit to each participating manufacturer. Many developers, manufacturers and operators are now realizing the benefits through Brew Mobile Platform devices in development.

“We are excited to be able to offer a pre-integrated portfolio of software for mobile phones and consumer electronics, which includes mobile browsing, messaging and social networking,” said Simon Wilkinson, CEO at Myriad. “The combination of Myriad's proven mobile software and the Brew Mobile Platform will enable handset manufacturers to bring new handsets with advanced features to market faster.”

“This is a perfect approach for us,” said Woojae Lee, director of the global business division at South Korea-based Infraware. “It is a key strategy for us as we grow the market presence of our Polaris™ family of embedded browsers. By integrating, optimizing and then distributing our mobile products in advance for the North American and Asian markets, we anticipate an excellent opportunity to better meet our existing customers' needs. This represents a significant competitive advantage for Infraware.”

“Delivering standards-based, cross-platform solutions that manage firmware, applications and devices over the air continues to be our strategy,” said Yoram Salinger, CEO of Red Bend Software. “The modular design of our vDirect Mobile™ device management software supports the modular approach of Brew MP to be optimized for all device tiers. Through this collaboration, Qualcomm and Red Bend are enabling manufacturers and operators to bring differentiated devices to market faster and more cost effectively.”

“We have been pleased by the reception thus far for our pre-integrated Brew MP browser and messaging solution,” said Hanchul Kim, vice president of global marketing at software provider Obigo. “Mobile-device manufacturers and wireless operators appreciate being able to select a pre-approved, out-of-the-box product, and that convenience has contributed to our success in getting our technology adopted for more than 600 mobile devices worldwide.”

Other key mobile software technology partners developing for Brew MP include: Aplix, Bitstream, Comviva, Monotype Imaging, Novarra, PDAger, PixSense, Scanbuy Inc., SEVEN Networks Inc., Yappa and UCweb.

Brew MP is a mobile operating system platform that delivers high-end features across virtually all market tiers of handsets and mobile devices and across all 3G technologies. In addition to its integral support for Adobe® Flash®, the platform offers advanced device capabilities such as touch screen, rich multimedia, window management, open platform extensibility and expanded support for native application development.

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