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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Platform Gains Momentum among Leading Software Developers

Companies Helping Bring Next-Generation Mobile Experience to Smartphones and Smartbooks* Powered by Snapdragon

Jun 1, 2009TAIPEI, Taiwan

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies, products and services, today announced growing momentum for its Snapdragon™ platform with leading software developers. Companies leading in mobile operating system, multimedia player, social networking application and productivity tools development are now writing applications for devices based on the Company's Snapdragon chipsets. Consumers will soon be able to benefit from a wide range of valuable, innovative applications on smartphones and smartbooks enabled by Snapdragon, scheduled to become commercially available beginning this summer.

“Creative and powerful applications are a key part of the type of next-generation user experience Qualcomm is enabling with its Snapdragon platform,” said Luis Pineda, senior vice president of marketing and product management at Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. “We are pleased to have so many innovative and leading-edge developers now writing software for Snapdragon-based devices, which will include not only the industry's most advanced smartphones but also a new category of smartbooks that deliver an experience fundamentally different than anything else on the market today.”

Software developers now supporting Snapdragon chipsets include those developing:

“Bluestreak is pleased that Qualcomm selected its MachBlue Player for the Snapdragon chipset. Bluestreak has worked closely with Qualcomm to optimize its MachBlue Player on a Qualcomm reference design,” said Dominique Jodoin, CEO of Bluestreak Technology. “The MachBlue Player can be used by the OEMs and their customers as their multimedia framework and a Flash Player plugin on a wide variety of browsers in Linux and Android distributions. We believe the Snapdragon chipset will contribute to revolutionize the smartbook and MID device market and we look forward to working together with Qualcomm in this fast growing market.”

“Bsquare is pleased to support the Snapdragon platform across multiple embedded operating systems including Windows Mobile, Linux and Android. BSQUARE's system integration services, multi-OS value-added products and licensing will enable faster time to market for Snapdragon smartphone and smartbook device manufacturers and application developers,” said Michael Tidwell, Bsquare's vice president of business development.

“Conveneer's Mikz platform adds to the Snapdragon platform's ability to fully converge mobile devices with the Internet. More and more, people are making mobile devices their primary source of communication, content creation and sharing. Snapdragon platform and Mikz together form the optimal combination for Web application developers and app store owners to embrace the Internet and social networking,” stated Christer Björk, CEO of Conveneer.

“The ThinkFree Mobile is the ideal business productivity tool that meets the growing work demands of the contemporary office worker,” said Ms. Su Jin Kim, CEO of Haansoft. “Since ThinkFree Mobile is optimized especially for the Snapdragon platform, mobile users will have the ultimate convenience and mobility during the creation and editing of essential business documents with free access to online storage.”

“Movial is proud of its strong relationship with Qualcomm and is delighted to bring our browser and graphics optimization, integration and testing expertise to the Snapdragon platform,” said Jari Ala-Ruona, CEO of Movial. “Movial IXS on the Snapdragon platform empowers OEMs and ODMs with an optimized browser end-user experience while providing a powerful widget environment and an effective Web UI (user interface) toolkit for OEM and ODM Web designers and developers to quickly and easily create innovative Internet-based applications on mobile Internet devices and smartbooks.”

“Phoenix is pleased to be working with Qualcomm to expand the range of consumer choices for low-cost, high-performing compact mobile computing devices that deliver all-day battery life and a simple, more efficient user experience,” said Woody Hobbs, president and CEO of Phoenix Technologies. “Consumers are seeking lighter, smaller and more mobile computing devices that still deliver the kinds of features and functionality that meet their emerging needs, desires and expectations borne out of greater mobility in computing.”

“Mobile performance continues to advance, and technologies such as Qualcomm's Snapdragon platform are helping evolve the user experience,” said Jack Klingert, senior vice president, RealNetworks. “Real is working closely with Qualcomm to bring a multimedia-rich, immersive experience to market. RealPlayer, integrated with Qualcomm's Snapdragon technology, delivers a power-efficient, high-end audio and video user experience.”

“RemoSync enables users to connect to Exchange-based contacts, calendar, email, and corporate directory information - giving the mobile user a real-time, direct push-email experience,” said Guru Thalapaneni, CEO of Remoba. “Our integration and development work with Qualcomm on their Snapdragon platform represents a successful working relationship between our two companies, and we are extremely excited about the market prospects for their smartbook design.”

“ThunderSoft's advanced Millos Linux solution is specifically optimized for Qualcomm's Snapdragon platform to provide intuitive 2D and 3D user interfaces, excellent multimedia performance with hardware codec support, and push mail,” said Hongfei Zhao, vice president of business development for ThunderSoft. “With all these powerful features combined with Snapdragon's revolutionary performance, we are pleased to be working with Qualcomm to deliver a distinguished user experience to consumers and mobile computing professionals.”

“The connected media experience on Android devices that Varia Media Client offers is enhanced because of integration with Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset solution, which provides an abundant media framework to stream, download, and play rich media on mobile devices such as media players, mobile phones and mobile internet devices,” said John McQueen, CEO of Varia Mobile. “Varia's online mobile experience offering favorite content services, which are automatically refreshed and updated over-the-air, satisfies users' desire for media on-the-go regardless of the form factor, screen size and resolution of their mobile device.”

“Snapdragon opens a new era of smartbook computing, allowing Xandros to build a rich multimedia user experience that includes applications, a touch friendly ActiveSync-based push email client, PIM and GPS navigation,” said Andreas Typaldos, CEO of Xandros. “With Snapdragon's built-in 3G wireless and multimedia support, clever power management and ultra-long battery life, we can deliver next-generation ultra-lightweight smartbook solutions to carriers and OEMs and a unique and simple experience to end users.”

“Zinio's global online store and state-of-art digital reading experience fits squarely with the mobility and power introduced by the Snapdragon platform. For consumers, thousands of the top digital magazines and books published around the world will be at their fingertips,” said Richard Maggiotto, president and CEO of Zinio. “We are thrilled to be Qualcomm's content provider and applaud their commitment in continuing to innovate and lead the mobile computing world.”

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