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Sony to Embed Select Notebooks with Qualcomm's Gobi Technology

VAIO PCs to Feature Wireless, High-speed Internet Connectivity via 3G Cellular Network

Feb 16, 2009BARCELONA, Spain

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Sony Electronics Inc. and Qualcomm Incorporated today announced that Sony has selected Qualcomm's Gobi™ mobile Internet technology for use in its VAIO® notebook PC lines.
The embedded Gobi solution enables notebook users to expand beyond Wi-Fi hotspots so they can experience a high-speed connection to the Internet via 3G cellular connectivity. Sony is the first notebook manufacturer to make Gobi technology a standard feature in several of its PC models.
Known for style and innovation, VAIO notebooks will initially feature Gobi technology in three of the ultra-portable models, including the VAIO Z, TT and new P series. VAIO models utilizing Gobi technology may vary by region.
“By embedding Qualcomm technology into our notebooks we are offering our customers an attractive combination of performance and ease of use,” said Mike Abary, senior vice president of VAIO product marketing at Sony Electronics. “We expect Gobi 3G connectivity to be a sought-after feature and a significant enhancement.”
Gobi-equipped notebooks provide fast, secure and convenient built-in mobile broadband access and GPS functionality over wireless 3G cellular networks, freeing users from having to carry external data cards or search for Wi-Fi hotspots.
The technology enables users to send and receive email, upload or download photos, receive instant updates to social media sites, and access a wide range of software applications over the Internet on their notebooks - all through 3G cellular networks. A service activation charge and other fees apply.
“Sony's introduction of Gobi-equipped VAIO notebooks makes embedded mobile broadband increasingly more accessible to consumers, allowing them to enjoy the freedom of 3G Internet connectivity on some of the industry's most appealing laptops,” said Mike Concannon, senior vice president of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. “For both business and consumer users, Gobi technology is quickly becoming a standard for embedded mobile broadband in a wide range of notebooks and sub-notebooks.”
Embedded Gobi solutions include Qualcomm's MDM1000™ chipset, associated software and APIs, and a reference design for supporting EV-DO Rev. A. More information about Qualcomm and Gobi technology can be found at
More information about Sony notebooks is available at

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