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Xiam Technologies Advances Technology To Put Recommendations On The Map

Discovery and Recommendations Platform Makes Mobile Content Relevant to Who and Where You Are

Feb 2, 2009DUBLIN, Ireland

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Xiam Technologies, a Qualcomm subsidiary providing discovery and recommendations solutions to mobile operators, today announced that subscribers can now receive recommendations which will guide them to places and events when they are on the go or travelling. Xiam has further enhanced its MPOS™ platform to deliver recommendations ranging from helping subscribers find their way around new cities to locating products and services they need quickly, wherever they are.

Through the addition of two new algorithms to its state-of-the-art recommendations engine, Xiam will now make location-based recommendations and assisted mobile Internet discovery available to its global customer base. The platform's open APIs provide operators, publishers and third party brands the ability to make geographically specific offers of content and services to subscribers. Location-aware recommendations are accurate to the latitude and longitude of the device, providing relevant results in real-time for anything from local hotspots to retail outlets.

“Xiam technology continues to be in the vanguard of a rapidly evolving mobile landscape. With increased penetration of location-aware devices and networks, our service will allow subscribers to tap into a compelling discovery tool based on their mobile location,” said Colm Healy, vice president and general manager of Xiam. “We are delighted to bring these future facing applications of our technology to market and believe they will significantly improve how subscribers interact with and use the vast range of services and applications which are now becoming available over 3G networks.”

In addition to providing next generation personalized services that can be used across all IP domains, including mobile and Web, Xiam has added an assisted mobile Internet browsing discovery service to its platform. The service allows subscribers to receive individual recommendations for mobile sites and widgets, expanding their experience of the mobile Internet. This capability can work for both on and off-portal sites as desired by the operator. As the adoption of 3G technology continues to expand and mobile content becomes more available, Xiam's assisted browsing service intuitively delivers the very best mobile Internet choices to subscribers.

Xiam, a world leader in discovery and recommendations solutions, will demonstrate these new features of their patented technology at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Spain (Hall 8, Booth 53).

About Xiam
Xiam proactively enables subscribers to discover exciting content that is relevant to their own individual interests and tastes using intelligent recommendations technology. Subscribers enjoy a genuine real-time individualized mobile experience as they interact with operator's services. Xiam's solution introduces subscribers to previously unexplored areas, undiscovered services and new content and intelligently selects promotions or recommendations specifically tailored to the individual subscriber, their device and their location. This approach concentrates on making it easy for each individual user to find the things they are looking for effortlessly.

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