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Qualcomm Contributes to Social and Educational Initiatives in India through Local Non-Governmental Organizations

Jan 14, 2009Mumbai, India

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies and data solutions, today announced that it is working with three local NGOs to support social and educational initiatives in India. The Company will work with Save The Children India in Mumbai, MV Foundation (MVF) in Hyderabad and Sikshana Foundation in Bengaluru.

“Qualcomm and its employees collectively work to support and improve the societies in which they live and work,” said Peggy Johnson, executive vice president of Qualcomm Americas and India. “Constant endeavors are made through our human, financial and technical resources to support various services and ongoing projects. We applaud and appreciate all the efforts put in by Save The Children India, MVF and Sikshana to empower underprivileged children with education and social skills, and we are glad to support this cause.”

Qualcomm will fund ten Save The Children India centers in Mumbai, which will provide innovative life skills training to underprivileged adolescent girls in an effort to empower them both financially and socially. Additionally, Qualcomm will facilitate the construction of five classrooms at Save The Children India's Special Care Center aimed at increasing the center's capacity by 60 students each year. Qualcomm has previously worked with Save The Children India to set up a best-in-class library where underprivileged children can enhance their reading, language and computer skills.

The collaboration between Qualcomm and MVF Hyderabad aims to enroll 2,500 children into the mainstream education system through residential bridge schools, structured residential coaching for young children, leading to their successful integration into the school system. This is a significant step towards the eradication of child labour and education for every child.

Qualcomm, in association with Sikshana Foundation, Bengaluru will support adopting, empowering and improving government schools, leading to enhanced educational standards of 25 schools (~3200 students) in the Kanakapura district of Karnataka. This project aims to make a positive difference in the students from government primary schools by empowering the teachers, motivating the children and equipping the schools with laptops, finally resulting in a 35 percent increase in the school's assessment scores over a period of three years.

Qualcomm invests its human and financial resources in inspirational, innovative programs that serve diverse populations. The Company's community involvement is primarily targeted in geographic regions where the company has a business presence. Its contributions aim to create educated, healthy and culturally vibrant communities. Employees at Qualcomm India have voluntarily contributed to these inspirational and innovative programs by committing their time to raising funds and supporting creative campaigns towards the noble endeavor of spreading literacy and empowerment across India.

About Save The Children India Foundation, Mumbai
Save The Children India is a non-profit organization established in 1988 and has been working towards the empowerment of underprivileged children and women, with its health, vocational training and education programs. More than 250 children who are either mentally challenged or hearing and speech impaired study at the Special Care Center. More than 14,000 boys and 14,000 girls have successfully availed of the Balwadi education program and more than 4,500 children have benefited from the comprehensive school program run by Save The Children India. Save The Children India's proudest accomplishments include bringing health and education to nearly 33,000 children. Save The Children India has created special focus for advocacy, prevention and repatriation of trafficked women and children.

About MV Foundation (MVF), Hyderabad
More than 600,000 children have benefited from the MVF program of withdrawing children from work and enrolling them into school. Relying mainly on community initiatives, the MVF program aims at motivating the community, parents and children to utilize the formal school as a medium for the child's advancement. Based on the belief that every child out of school is a working child, its single point agenda is to ensure no child goes to work and all go to school. Currently, MVF is implementing the program directly in Andhra Pradesh, covering more than 2500 villages and the city of Hyderabad. MVF provides technical support to TN, Assam, Bihar, Maharashtra, MP. 50,000 child labourers have been put through Bridge Course Camps and 30,000 Education Activists mobilized to liberate children. 3,000 School Education Committees and active Gram Panchayats back up campaign against child labour. 1,500 Gram Panchayats have become free from child labour.

About Sikshana Foundation, Bengaluru
Sikshana is a unique effort at improving learning levels in the public education system at the primary level. It was started by Sivasri Trust, a small non-profit organization in Bengaluru, India. Its vision is to evolve a sustainable and replicable model for an effective and decentralized public school system based on good management practices. Sikshana works towards improving the environment, infrastructure and administration and also enhancing staff and student spirit and performance. Sikshana is supported by Asha for Education, Charities Aid Foundation, Give India Foundation, Vibha and Association for India's Development.

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