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Qualcomm Demonstrates Advanced Integrated Wireless Services for Transportation Companies at the 2008 ATA Management Conference & Exhibition

Qualcomm’s OmniVision Transportation Services Help Transform Workflow

Oct 3, 2008SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies and data solutions, today announced its showcase of integrated wireless applications and services being demonstrated at the American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans, La. The demonstrations, which take place Oct. 4-7 in Qualcomm's booth (#819), will highlight a variety of Qualcomm's solutions and technologies geared toward enabling transportation companies to improve their businesses in three key areas: safety, cost savings and overall productivity.

Among the technologies on display, Qualcomm will highlight a number of new products and services. These include Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) user interface (UI) and Fuel Manager module for Performance Monitoring, as well as new Vehicle Maintenance and In-Cab Scanning services. The entire showcase of demonstrations and their key benefits include:

  • - MCP UI: Enables the delivery of OmniVisionSM Transportation services and is specifically designed for transportation and logistics companies. This user interface was designed to help decrease the potential for driver distractions and maintain access to the features and functionalities needed for enhanced productivity. The MCP UI, combined with text-to-speech functionality, makes information available to drivers at the time they need it.
  • - Hours of Service: A regulatory compliance management tool that also enables fleets to optimize dispatch assignments by providing accurate, up-to-date hours of availability information. This tool complies with the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) hours of service regulation 395.15, including rules revised in August 2005.
  • - Critical Event Reporting (CER): A proactive safety tool to help identify trends in risky driving behavior. The CER service provides a record of both automatic and manual triggers, and data is automatically sent over-the-air immediately following an event.

Cost Savings

  • - Fuel Manager: A module within the Performance Monitoring service that helps transportation companies manage vehicle and driver behaviors related to fuel consumption, such as speeding, idling and over-revving. This module helps to reduce fuel consumption.
  • - Vehicle Maintenance: A service with near real-time fault monitoring that enables fleets to manage vehicle health issues proactively before they result in critical problems. This improves scheduled maintenance and reduces breakdowns.
  • - Predictive Performance Service: A Qualcomm Professional Services engagement that uses data aggregation, pattern recognition technology and specific knowledge to help carriers identify potential limitations impacting business performance. The ability to identify future safety or service failures leads to improved planning.
  • - Untethered Asset Management: A service specifically designed for private fleets and for-hire carriers, it supports a variety of assets including dry van, flatbed and refrigerated trailers and containers. This service goes beyond basic asset tracking to convert the collected data into easily accessible information for making timely business decisions.


  • - Driver Workflow: A service that streamlines driver-dispatch communication by automating Qualcomm's macro-based Circle of Service™ activities, resulting in increased operational efficiency, reduction of manual data entry errors and improved management of load assignments.
  • - Maptuit®'s NaviGo™ Navigation service: A near real-time, hybrid in-cab navigation solution that utilizes both on-board and server-based computing power to provide accurate maps and routes. This solution helps to reduce out-of-route miles and improve on-time delivery using commercial-grade truck routing, maps with street-level detail and directions delivered over the air.
  • - In-Cab Scanning: An end-to-end service that enables drivers to scan and transmit important documents such as trip and mileage reports, bills of lading, timesheets, receipts and other critical information from the cab of the truck, helping to improve driver productivity by enabling drivers to conveniently send documents during downtime.

Qualcomm is also announcing the extension of the Unlimited Value Plan (UVP) for OmniVision Transportation service customers. The simplified pricing plan features unlimited value for one price via a monthly flat-rate pricing structure that packages services together with the messaging and positioning required to optimize fleet performance.

“Qualcomm is committed to delivering advanced wireless applications and services that help our transportation customers succeed and thrive during this difficult economic climate and in the face of staggering fuel costs,” said Norm Ellis, vice president of transportation and logistics sales and services for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “We are excited to be showcasing our newest services designed to increase safety, cost savings and productivity during the 2008 ATA Management Conference and Exhibition.”

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