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Qualcomm Introduces Mobile Management Service for Local Service Fleets

New OmniVision Metro Service Gives Companies Visibility into Their Local Fleets for Cost Management, Revenue Growth and Customer Loyalty

Mar 10, 2008SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading provider of business-to-business wireless enterprise applications and services, today announced the first OmniVisionSM Metro service offering, Service Fleet Manager. This new offering is designed to meet the unique needs of local service-based businesses that are centered in metropolitan areas and have mobile resources, such as plumbing companies, pest control services, electrical contractors and landscaping companies. Service Fleet Manager helps businesses gain visibility into their assets to increase their revenue, decrease operational expenses and improve customer service and loyalty. Companies using this new service can better manage their workload and improve their response time to customer demands because they know where their resources and employees are, where they have been and where they should be.

The OmniVision Metro service provides customers with visibility into their mobile assets via management dashboards driven by data from in-vehicle GPS hardware for improved workforce and asset management, routing and scheduling. As a benefit of Qualcomm's unique approach to the user experience, companies gain the business intelligence they need to manage their service fleets proactively. Leveraging the graphical user interface of this Web-based OmniVision Metro service, companies can identify the location of vehicles, monitor vehicle use, analyze and manage asset costs and increase overall operational efficiency and productivity.

Created for the mobile resource management market, Service Fleet Manager incorporates industry-specific capabilities and features, including detailed maps and reports that provide a snapshot of an entire fleet for improved logistical planning. The OmniVision Metro service provides a unique, Web-based dashboard display that converts data into easy-to-use business intelligence, enabling service fleets to compete more effectively in today's competitive environment. The service enables improved employee productivity and increased operational efficiency of mobile assets by helping companies ensure that they send the right resources at the right time to their customer sites.

“There is no shortage of companies selling 'dots on a map,' but there is a shortage of companies willing to invest in the service, support and training resources required to take care of the customer for the long term,” said Bert Gillespie, director of sales for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “Qualcomm's OmniVision Metro service illustrates our commitment to providing reliable, simple and responsive services that will help improve our local service fleet customers' businesses so they can focus on what they do best, without the need for them to learn what we do best.”

Service Fleet Manager, the first OmniVision Metro offering, also can help improve labor efficiency; reduce ever-increasing fuel, insurance and employee overtime costs; and boost revenue and customer loyalty. Labor efficiency can be improved and overtime costs better controlled by optimizing employee work time and minimizing wasted time for the driver. Service Fleet Manager can precisely calculate engine idle time, allowing fleets to manage driver behavior proactively to reduce engine idle and substantially cut fuel costs. The OmniVision Metro service can also help companies to lower insurance premiums, self-insurance costs and liability exposure by deterring risky driver behavior, quickly locating stolen vehicles and generating reports about off-hour vehicle usage.

The OmniVision Metro service improves revenue opportunity by helping businesses to increase daily service capacity through enhanced logistical planning. It also helps them improve billing accuracy because companies can assess when a job is completed and immediately follow up with invoicing for job orders. The OmniVision Metro service can further help reduce the potential of driver abuse or moonlighting because companies can track where a vehicle has been - especially during off hours. Customer loyalty and trust can be improved with better communication, easily audited service reports and the ability to respond to customer needs faster.

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