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Qualcomm Congratulates National Capitol Region on Public Safety Wireless Network

NCR Chooses Wireless Broadband Services at 700 MHz for Public Safety in Washington National Capitol Region

Mar 5, 2007SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and other advanced wireless technologies, congratulates the National Capitol Region (NCR) on its innovation and leadership in public safety. NCR has awarded a multi-year contract to Alcatel-Lucent for the design, construction, management and maintenance of a precedent-setting, broadband wireless system for public safety using CDMA2000® EV-DO Rev. A broadband technology.

CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev.A is the latest advancement in wireless broadband technology being rolled out nationally by commercial wireless operators such as Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless. The NCR system will be the first to operate in the public safety portion of the 700 MHz band and provide state of the art wireless broadband services for use by emergency units, first responders and other public safety personnel in the Washington National Capital Region.

Dubbed the Regional Wireless Broadband Network of Networks (RWBN), the system provides high-speed broadband technology to put mission-critical data, information, multimedia content and collaborative capabilities into the hands of first responders from different agencies working together to protect the lives and property of 4.2 million Americans spread across 19 jurisdictions in the nation's fourth-largest metropolitan area. This system supports some of the most pressing needs of the NCR's first responders and uses AnyDATA commercially-based wireless data cards and personal digital assistants integrated with Qualcomm chipsets.

Qualcomm developed the reference design to enable the effective use of public safety's 700 MHz spectrum with CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev. A on the Mobile Station Modem™ (MSM™) MSM6800™ chipset solution. The MSM6800 chipset provides high-speed cellular data connections and supports rich multimedia features. This effort demonstrates how the cellular industry is responding to the needs of the public safety community to arm all levels of government public safety entities with the interoperable technology and devices they need to maximize spectrum cleared through the DTV transition process for their use.

“We are excited to be a part of this trailblazing effort to improve communications for public safety,” said Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, chief executive officer of Qualcomm. “The first responders in our nation's capitol will have a cost-effective, cutting-edge broadband technology, and one which leverages the economies of scale of the widely adopted, standardized and proven commercial EV-DO technology. This deployment in the 700 MHz band, with its superior propagation characteristics, will support wireless broadband for first responders in challenging and demanding coverage environments.”

Qualcomm's CDMA2000 product portfolio will provide support for the entire 700 MHz band, including frequencies to be auctioned in the future.

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