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Qualcomm Introduces uiOne HDK 2.0 Featuring Support for Third-Party Applications

Enhanced Handset Development Kit Receives Strong Support from Developer Community

Feb 12, 2007SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and other advanced wireless technologies, today unveiled the uiOne™ Handset Development Kit (HDK) version 2.0. The latest version of the HDK now supports seamless integration of third-party application engines, with many of the leading software developers in the mobile handset industry already developing browser, messaging, device management and other applications for the uiOne HDK 2.0 platform. The uiOne HDK is an integrated package of application and user interface software solutions designed to reduce device manufacturers' costs in developing distinctive and feature-rich user interfaces that meet a wide range of operators' specifications, while accelerating time to market.

“Qualcomm continually seeks to help our partners more quickly deliver feature-rich, differentiated handsets to the market,” said Mark Frankel, vice president of product management, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. “The latest version of the uiOne HDK offers the ability to easily port third-party applications to handsets based on Qualcomm chipsets and develop customized user interfaces for those applications. We are pleased by the very strong support it is already receiving from application developers.”

Among the developers who support the uiOne HDK are Opera Software, Teleca, TechSoft and OpenWave.

Opera Software develops the Opera Web browser, a high-quality, multi-platform product for a wide range of platforms, operating systems and embedded Internet products. Opera strives to provide a browser that operates across devices, platforms and operating systems, and can deliver a faster, more stable and flexible Internet experience.

“The uiOne HDK is well positioned to be one of the key strategic platforms for the mobile industry,” said Timo Bruns, executive vice president of business development, Opera Software. “We look forward to continuing our close relationship with Qualcomm in fulfilling today's strong market needs for interacting with the Web.”

Teleca is a world-leading supplier of software products and services to the mobile devices industry. Its services include systems design and the integration of software and hardware for mobile phones, as well as tailored solutions. Teleca Mobile's products are found in more than 300 million mobile devices, comprising more than 600 models. Teleca has 2,200 experts in 11 countries in Asia, Europe and North America.

“Teleca is fully committed to supporting uiOne HDK from Qualcomm as part of a long-term relationship,” said Telica's Hasse Olsson, business development manager, mobile platforms. “Our Obigo Browser product displays Web pages in a familiar fashion.
Combining smart navigation techniques from Obigo Browser, such as Thumbnail®, with the functions of uiOne will provide end users with an enhanced Internet experience.”

TechFaith Software China Ltd. is a company committed to the development of application software for 3G wireless devices.

“TechSoft's mission has always been to develop groundbreaking 3G applications,” said James Huang, chief executive officer of TechSoft. “By developing for the uiOne HDK platform, we will be able to deliver a rich experience to a broad base of wireless users.”

Openwave Systems provides a complete portfolio of personalized content and communications solutions, including handset software, content delivery, adaptive communications and location, music and video services.

“Openwave is committed to delivering a personalized mobile experience that is easy to access and easy to use,” said Michael Wendling, director of product management, Openwave. “The uiOne HDK opens up new opportunities to rapidly deliver our high-performance Openwave Mobile Browser, Mercury edition, to a broad range of customers.”

The uiOne HDK's support for third-party application engines enables developers to provide pre-integrated and fully tested solutions to device manufacturers while also ensuring a consistent look and feel with other handset features due to easy customization. The uiOne HDK will be available as a standalone commercial product for both CDMA2000® and UMTS chipsets from Qualcomm's Mobile Station Modem™ (MSM™) chipset portfolio in the second half of 2007.

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