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Qualcomm Signs OFDM/OFDMA License and FLASH-OFDM Design Transfer License Agreements with AnyDATA

Jun 12, 2006SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of CDMA2000, WCDMA and other advanced wireless technologies, and United Computer & Telecommunications (UCT), today announced they have entered into an OFDM/OFDMA subscriber unit, router and modem card license agreement. Under the terms of the royalty-bearing agreement, Qualcomm has granted UCT a patent license to develop, manufacture and sell OFDM/OFDMA subscriber units, routers and modem cards. UCT intends to operate its OFDM/OFDMA subscriber unit, router and modem card businesses through AnyDATA, a sublicensed subsidiary of UCT.
UCT also has signed a design transfer agreement for FLASH-OFDM® (F-OFDM). Under the terms of the agreement, Qualcomm will provide design and engineering support to accelerate AnyDATA's supply of F-OFDM devices to network operators worldwide.
“Qualcomm welcomes AnyDATA as the second licensee of our OFDM/OFDMA patent portfolio and as a supplier of FLASH-OFDM modem cards designed by Qualcomm Flarion Technologies,” said Michael Hartogs, vice president of new licensing business and division counsel, Qualcomm Technology Licensing. “AnyDATA is another company that recognizes the significance and applicability of Qualcomm's leading OFDM/OFDMA patent portfolio, the licensing of which provides companies like AnyDATA with the opportunity to expand their business and contribute innovative and advanced products to the wireless market.”
“We are committed to enabling manufacturing partners and network operators to realize the full potential of mobile broadband services enabled by FLASH-OFDM networks,” said Ed Knapp, senior vice president of market development for Qualcomm Flarion Technologies.
“AnyDATA looks forward to extending its current offering to include OFDM/OFDMA and FLASH-OFDM products to fulfill the needs of our customers and partners around the world,” said Soon B. Shin, CEO of AnyDATA. “This license agreement will enable us to supply our customers with value-added wireless solutions and help expand their applications capabilities.”
Founded in 1995, AnyDATA Corporation is a global leader in the design and manufacture of CDMA wireless products worldwide. AnyDATA is a subsidiary of United Computer & Telecommunications (UCT), with sales and engineering offices in the United States, Korea, China and Venezuela. For more information on all products, please visit
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