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Qualcomm Announces Shipment of Second-Generation FLASH-OFDM Platform for Mobile Broadband Access

Feb 13, 2006SAN DIEGO

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and other advanced wireless technologies, today announced the availability of the RadioRouter 2000® (RR2000) base station, the latest FLASH-OFDM® RadioRouter platform. The RR2000 base station is currently shipping to customers and is a fully IP-compliant wireless broadband access platform which enables operators to deliver true high-speed multimedia services to their customers in both fixed and high-mobility environments.

“The new RR2000 base station supports narrowband and wideband spectrum options from 1.25MHz to 15MHz, offering customers a robust, mobile broadband and mobile backhaul solution,” said Ed Knapp, senior vice president of marketing for Qualcomm Flarion Technologies. “With the ability to handle gigabyte demand for triple play services and broadband mobility at speeds up to 250km/h, the RR2000 base station is well suited for high-speed IP services.”

The RR2000 base station enables enhanced hand-off for high-velocity situations in trains, planes and automobiles, and supports multi-carrier network environments. Flexible channelization means that the RR2000 base station is suitable for operators with narrowband licenses, such as those with 450MHz spectrum and operators with wideband frequency allocations. The standard cell range, which depends on frequency and terrain, is 30km with the capability to extend this up to 60km.

“The RR2000 base station has been designed with the future in mind,” said Rajiv Laroia, senior vice president of engineering for Qualcomm Flarion Technologies. “It is multiple-input, multiple-output-ready and is compatible with the 3GPP IP multimedia subsystem core, ensuring the greatest level of flexibility for operators who are considering either OFDMA-based mobile broadband data networks or hybrid CDMA/OFDMA deployments.”

The RR2000 base station is the first OFDMA-based multi-carrier radio access node designed for very high reliability. With the same footprint of previous FLASH-OFDM base stations, the RR2000 base station has three times the processing power and three times the backhaul capacity, enabling 372 simultaneous active subscribers per 5MHz of FDD spectrum or up to 186 voice over IP calls.

FLASH-OFDM is already in early commercial deployments in the United States and Europe with a growing subscriber base. FLASH-OFDM has been deployed in high-mobility situations for vehicles, as mobile backhaul for high-speed trains and as wireless broadband access for residential and business premises.

Qualcomm announced on January 19, 2006 that it has completed the acquisition of Flarion Technologies, a pioneer and leading developer of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex Access (OFDMA) technology and the inventor of FLASH-OFDM technology for mobile broadband IP services. The acquisition expands Qualcomm's already extensive portfolio of OFDMA intellectual property and enhances the Company's engineering team with expertise in OFDMA technology and products. The combination of Flarion and Qualcomm's engineering resources strengthens the Company's position as a leader in advanced wireless technology development and enhances the Company's ability to design and license OFDMA systems, components and products for operators interested in OFDMA for certain present and future networks. For more information on Qualcomm Flarion Technologies and OFDMA, please visit

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