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Qualcomm Commits to the Global Standardization of FLO Technology

Mar 14, 2005NEW ORLEANS

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Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, today announced that the air interface specification for FLO™ (Forward Link Only) technology will be made available to an industry-led group, for the purpose of bringing a cooperative specification to standards bodies for ratification. Qualcomm is working with leading companies to create a multi-party organization committed to this initiative. By supplying the details of FLO technology to a multi-party organization, Qualcomm is underscoring its commitment to advance the global standardization of FLO.

“For the development of FLO, Qualcomm leveraged the most advantageous features of technologies available today and used the latest advances in coding and system design to consistently achieve the highest-quality performance,” said Rich Sulpizio, president of Qualcomm MediaFLO. “Our goal is for FLO to be a globally adopted standard, and we are taking the necessary steps to make that happen.”

The FLO technology was designed specifically for a mobile multimedia environment and exhibits performance characteristics suited ideally for use on cellular handsets. It uses the latest advances in coding and interleaving to achieve the highest-quality reception at all times, both for real-time content streaming and other data services. FLO technology will ensure robust mobile performance and high capacity without compromising power consumption. The technology also reduces the network cost of delivering multimedia content by dramatically decreasing the number of transmitters needed to be deployed. In addition, FLO technology-based multimedia multicasting will complement wireless operators' cellular network data and voice services, delivering content to the same cellular handsets used on these 3G networks.

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