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Qualcomm Announces Winners of Inaugural 3G cdmA-List Awards

Oct 22, 2003SAN DIEGO

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LAS VEGAS -- October 22, 2003 -- Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, today announced the winners of the first annual 3G cdmA-List™ Awards. After receiving more than 120 nominations from leading companies, public agencies and non profit organizations, and announcing 34 finalists, the judges have selected 11 winners whose wireless data solutions were based on third-generation (3G) CDMA2000 wireless networks.

Two awards - one for innovation and the other for impact - were presented for each of the five categories represented: small, medium and large companies, public agencies and non profit organizations. The A-List Innovation Award was presented to winners demonstrating creative concept and approach for their wireless data solution, as well as innovation expressed through a unique adaptation to an existing wireless deployment, or as a completely new solution.

The A-List Impact Award honored organizations for their respective wireless data solutions demonstrating meaningful results and that have made a significant financial, humanitarian or industry impact. Additionally, there was a Best of Show Award presented to the organization setting the best example and compelling other companies, public agencies and non profit organizations, to take advantage of CDMA2000 wireless mobility.

"The selection process was highly competitive as all of the finalists and winners presented strong nominations," said Jan Dehesh, vice president of enterprise market development for Qualcomm. "It is a testament that organizations of all types and sizes can leverage CDMA2000 technology to advance their processes and gain a competitive edge by having the ability to access their critical business applications with broad geographic coverage, and consistently viable data rates. Some of these companies have based their customer facing operations on the viability and speeds of CDMA2000 networks."

By deploying CDMA2000, some of the winners have demonstrated up to 50 percent increase in employee productivity and other winners were able to reduce lag time for data collection in the field by more than 30 days, thereby improving customer service and operations. One winner was also able to leverage the speeds and broad coverage of CDMA2000 to improve its customer response time by several hours, which helped them identify new revenue opportunities in the field.

This year's winners are:

Small Companies
A-List Innovation - Global Vision Interactive, Inc.
The company created a CDMA2000-enabled interactive touch-screen for the passenger section of taxicabs to provide passengers in major U.S. cities with various services, including real-time news, sports and weather information.

A-List Impact - Camping Companies, Inc.
Using ruggedized, CDMA-enabled laptops mounted in vehicles and custom patented software, field and office employees can access lien holder accounts and update them with real-time information, eliminating a paper-based system.

Medium Companies
A-List Innovation - CROSSMARK
A consumer packaged goods sales force automation solution uses handheld devices equipped with CDMA2000, enabling its national sales force to increase speed-to-shelf at retail locations and drive market share at the point of purchase.

A-List Impact - Momentum Group
A sales force automation solution using a lightweight laptop with a CDMA2000 modem enables sales agents to search databases for fabrics, display fabric samples and fulfill customer orders at the point of sale.

Large Companies
A-List Innovation - PPL Electric Utilities (NYSE: PPL)
Based on machine-to-machine communications, this automated meter reading solution uses firmware and embedded CDMA2000 telemetry modules to transmit real-time data from meters in the field back to the company's operations center.

A-List Impact - Ohio Casualty Group (Nasdaq: OCAS)
Using a laptop equipped with a CDMA2000 modem, auto insurance field adjusters and appraisers can download new cases, update claims records and respond to customer queries, providing faster customer response and reduced cycle times.

Public Agencies
A-List Innovation - Ontario Police Department
Using a custom-built handheld device with CDMA2000 and a biometric application that uses fingerprint identification, police officers can now positively identify questionable subjects and check individuals for outstanding warrants at the site of investigation.

A-List Impact - Broward Sheriff's Office
A laptop equipped with a CDMA2000 modem and access to Florida's child reporting database replaces a manual system, allowing child protective investigators to respond to child abuse allegations while expediting reporting on child abuse cases.

Non Profit Organizations
A-List Innovation - YouthPlaces
Using CDMA2000 connectivity and bar code scanning technology, youth coordinators can track the attendance and activities of more than 5,000 children annually.

A-List Impact - MOXXI - Medical Office of the Future
A field force automation solution using handhelds with CDMA2000 allows physicians and pharmacists to exchange secure patient information, helping doctors to reduce the risk of adverse drug events and prescribing errors.

Best of Show
CSX Transportation, Inc. (NYSE: CSX)
Railroad conductors wear customized mobile device equipped with CDMA2000, allowing the wireless exchange of work order completion and scheduling information between the conductors and railroad offices.

A panel of distinguished judges selected this year's A-List Winners. Judges included: James Ciriello, executive director, Institute for Leading in a Dynamic Economy, Boston University School of Management; Maryfran Johnson, editor in chief, Computerworld; Mark Desautels, vice president, wireless Internet caucus, CTIA; Iain Gillott, president, iGillottResearch; Bob Egan, president, Mobile Competency; Matt Purdue, editor in chief, Mobile Enterprise Magazine; Charles Nettles, chief technology executive, McKesson Corporation; Perry LaForge, executive director, CDMA Development Group; and Jan Dehesh, vice president of enterprise market development, Qualcomm.

The 3G cdmA-List Awards honor leading small, medium and large companies, public agencies and non profit entities for their successful wireless data solutions based on 3G CDMA2000 networks, devices and business applications. The program also recognizes enabling partners, such as hardware and software vendors, consultants and carriers that have supported these organizations with their wireless data deployments.

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