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Qualcomm Announces radioOne ZIF Single-Band Cellular Chipsets

Dec 11, 2002SAN DIEGO

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SAN DIEGO -- December 11, 2002 -- Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, today announced the highly integrated radioOne™ Zero Intermediate Frequency (ZIF) cellular CDMA single-band chipsets, consisting of the RFT6120™ baseband-to-RF transmit processor, and the RFR6120™ and RFR6125™ RF-to-baseband receive processors. Following the inaugural generation of quad-mode ZIF devices, these new radioOne cellular chips continue the evolution of Qualcomm's ZIF products. The RFR6125 solution adds Qualcomm's gpsOne™ position location capabilities to the RFR6120 chip.

Qualcomm's new radioOne single-band solutions use two chips to perform the radio functions that formerly required three chips. In addition, they are offered in smaller packages and include integrated low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) and UHF voltage control oscillators (VCOs). These improvements result in a more than 50 percent space savings as well as significant bill-of-materials (BOM) and design-cost savings over previous-generation solutions.

"Qualcomm's second-generation ZIF architecture integrates all of the active circuitry needed for CDMA receive and transmit functionality except for the power amplifier," said Don Schrock, president of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. "Leveraging our quad-mode ZIF chipset, we have achieved significant cost and size savings. These new chips offer the highest integration and lowest cost solutions for single-band cellular CDMA applications on the market."

The radioOne ZIF chips are designed to support all CDMA2000 1X members of the Qualcomm MSM6xxx family of Mobile Station Modem (MSM™) chipsets, offering a complete CDMA wireless handset solution. The RFR6120 and RFR6125 chips are offered in a 6mm x 6mm 40-pin Quad Flat No-Lead (40QFN) package; the RFT6120 chip is offered in a 5mm x 5mm 32-pin QFN (32QFN) package. Sample shipments of the new radioOne ZIF chips are expected this month, with production shipping expected in the second quarter of calendar 2003.

Qualcomm's radioOne architecture eliminates the need for Intermediate Frequency (IF) components, including IF integrated circuits (ICs), IF Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters and IF VCOs. This reduces printed-circuit-board area and BOM costs, enabling more cost-effective multimode, multiband handsets and other wireless devices.

Featuring advanced position location technology from SnapTrack®, a wholly owned Qualcomm subsidiary, the gpsOne solution offers robust positioning data availability under the most challenging conditions, whether in concrete-and-steel high-rises, convention centers, shopping malls or urban canyons.

All members of the MSM6xxx family of solutions interface with Qualcomm's Launchpad™ suite of applications and software, encompassing advanced multimedia, connectivity, position location, user interface and removable storage capabilities. Selected components of the Launchpad are integrated into all of Qualcomm's MSM chipsets based on the market for which each chip is designed.

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