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GTRAN Wireless, Inc. and Qualcomm Expand License Agreement to Include 1xEV-DO Development

Aug 6, 2001SAN DIEGO

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WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. -- August 6, 2001 -- GTRAN Wireless, Inc., a designer and developer of wireless data products announced today that they have expanded the terms of its existing Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) license agreement with Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM) to include CDMA2000 1X Evolution (1xEV) development to enable high-speed wireless packet data solutions. Qualcomm has granted GTRAN Wireless a license under certain Qualcomm intellectual property to develop, manufacture and sell modem card products for wireless applications utilizing cdmaOne™ (IS-95A/B) and third-generation CDMA air interface technologies including cdma2000 1X/1xEV and WCDMA. CDMA2000 1xEV-based products will enhance GTRAN's existing product line of DotSurfer™ products that support IS-95A, IS-95B and CDMA2000 1X air interfaces. With this agreement, the Company will be developing wireless terminals that will reach speeds of up to 2.4 megabits per second (Mbps) using the Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT) MSM5500™ Mobile Station Modem (MSM™) chipset and system software.

"By extending our license with Qualcomm, GTRAN Wireless is committed in providing high-speed wireless data worldwide allowing direct delivery of Internet access," said Deepak Mehrotra, CEO and President of GTRAN Wireless, Inc. "We look forward to the success of this new generation of products using MSM5500™ Mobile Station Modem (MSM™) chipset and system software."

"Qualcomm is pleased that GTRAN Wireless has expanded their CDMA license for the development of high-speed wireless packet data solutions," said Marvin Blecker, senior vice president of technology transfer for Qualcomm. "We look forward to GTRAN making significant contributions to the growth of the rapidly expanding CDMA marketplace for data applications."

CDMA2000 1xEV provides a spectrally efficient peak rate of up to 2.4 Mbps in a standard 1.25 megahertz (MHz) channel bandwidth. Optimized for packet data services, CDMA2000 1xEV incorporates a flexible architecture based on standard Internet Protocols (IP) that allows flexible, high-performance and cost-effective implementations. As a complementary solution to voice networks utilizing operators' existing cell sites, towers, antennas and network equipment, CDMA2000 1xEV technology allows operators to leverage their current infrastructure investment and cellular/Personal Communication Services (PCS) networks. CDMA2000 1xEV can also be implemented as a stand-alone system using off-the-shelf IP backbone equipment. CDMA2000 1xEV is compatible with IS-95A, IS-95B and cdma2000 1X networks, allowing existing cdmaOne service providers to obtain higher capacities and superior performance by optimizing voice and data spectrum separately, serving both applications from the same network.

GTRAN Wireless continues to lead the wireless Internet market by providing access solutions for a multimedia wireless experience for laptop and PDA users. Recently, GTRAN Wireless was the first to launch a true PCMCIA Type II data card solution for CDMA CDMA2000 1X systems. Deployed on Korea Telecom Freetel's network, this card has been very successful in providing wireless Internet access at 153 kbps (CDMA2000 1X).

About GTRAN Wireless, Inc.
Founded in 1999, GTRAN Wireless, Inc. ( is a global leader in deploying CDMA and GSM-based data card and module products for multimedia Internet access applications. Its products provide wireless access to laptops, PDAs and other telemetric applications based on IS-95B, CDMA2000 1X/1xEV, GPRS, and WCDMA air access protocols. GTRAN's DotSurfer wireless PC modem card family has been first to enable the world's fastest wireless data technologies based on IS-95B, CDMA2000 1x/1xEV and GPRS. GTRAN has product design centers in Westlake Village and San Diego, CA; Denver, CO; Calgary, AB, Canada; Seoul, Korea; and Hsin-Chu, Taiwan.

About Qualcomm
Qualcomm Incorporated ( is a leader in developing and delivering innovative digital wireless communications products and services based on the Company's CDMA digital technology. The Company's business areas include CDMA integrated circuits and system software; technology licensing; the Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless™ (BREW™) applications platform; Eudora® e-mail software; digital cinema systems; and satellite-based systems including portions of the Globalstar™ system and wireless fleet management systems, OmniTRACS® and OmniExpress™. Qualcomm owns patents that are essential to all of the CDMA wireless telecommunications standards that have been adopted or proposed for adoption by standards-setting bodies worldwide. Qualcomm has licensed its essential CDMA patent portfolio to more than 100 telecommunications equipment manufacturers worldwide. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Qualcomm is included in theS&P500 Index and is a 2001 FORTUNE 500® company traded on The Nasdaq Stock Market® under the ticker symbol QCOM.

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